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Disability Discrimination (con't)
Case Resolutions

More Case Resolutions Regarding Disability Discrimination

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State   Case   Date (mm/yyyy)

Alaska • Juneau School District (AK) (10-16-1109) Jun-16

Alabama • Shortened School Day Alabama Department of Education (AL) (04-10-5001) Jul-12

Guam • Guam Department of Education (GU) (10-16-1098) Jun-16

Illinois • Chicago Public Schools District #299 (IL) (05-10-5001) Sep-10

Montana • Montana School for the Deaf and Blind (MT) (10-16-1160) Jun-16
  • Montana Tech of the University of Montana (MT) (10-08-6001) Aug-10
  • University of Montana Western (MT) (10-09-6002) Jul-10

Nevada • Washoe County School District (NV) (10-16-1134) Jun-16
  • The Davidson Academy of Nevada (NV) (10-16-1133) Jun-16
  • Nevada Department of Education (NV) (10-16-1101) Jun-16

New Jersey • East Orange School District (NJ) (02-11-5002) Sep-12
  • West Windsor-Plansboro Regional School District (NJ) (02-11-1098) Aug-11
  • Evesham Township School District (NJ) (02-11-1072) Aug-11

New Mexico • Santa Fe Public Schools (NM) (08-16-1189) Jun-16

New York • Yonkers Public School District (NY) (02-15-5001) Nov-16
  • State University of New York at Potsdam (NY) (02-11-2062) Aug-11

Ohio • University of Cincinnati (OH) (15-13-6001) Dec-14
  • Youngstown State University (OH) (15-13-6002) Dec-14
  • Wooster City School District (OH) (15-11-1080) Feb-14

Oregon • Oregon Department of Education (OR) (10-16-1102) Jun-16

South Carolina • South Carolina Technical College System (SC) (11-11-6002) Mar-13

Tennessee • Memphis City School District (TN) (04-10-5002) Apr-12
• Clarksville-Montgomery School District (TN) (04-10-5003) Sep-12

Texas • Harmony Public Schools (TX) (06-11-5004) Nov-14

Utah • Granite School District (UT) (08-16-1232) Jun-16

Virginia • University of Virginia Darden School of Business (VA) (11-09-2094) Jun-09

Washington • Bellingham School District (WA) (10-16-1108) Jun-16
  • Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (WA) (10-16-1103) Jun-16
  • Yakima School District (WA) (10-11-5001) Jan-15
  • University of Montana - Helena (WA) (10-09-6001) Aug-10




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