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Title VI/Section 504/Title II: Charter Schools—Equal Access and Equal Opportunity to Participate: Harmony Public Schools (TX) (06-11-5004)

On November 26, 2014, OCR issued its resolution letter to the Cosmos Foundation’s Harmony Public Schools (HPS) regarding the agreement obtained to resolve compliance concerns identified during a Title VI, Section 504, and Title II compliance review of HPS. The review assessed whether HPS charter schools discriminated against English Language Learner (ELL) students and students with disabilities by failing to ensure equal access and equal opportunity to participate (including any discrimination in recruiting, admissions and counseling policies, procedures and practices). Prior to the conclusion of OCR’s investigation, HPS requested to resolve the review. Under the agreement, HPS will: 1) develop and implement both an ELL Communication Plan and a plan for providing Alternative Language Program (ALP) services with training of relevant staff; 2) review and revise, as necessary, Section 504 evaluation and placement procedures and revise Section 504/Title II nondiscrimination notices; 3) review and revise, as necessary, the admission process and procedures to ensure equal opportunity in enrollment; and 4) annually analyze data regarding any disproportionalities in the admission of ELL students and students with disabilities.

Read the Press Release | Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (448K) | Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (128K)


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