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Small, Rural School Achievement Program

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Grant funding is allocated to eligible LEAs based on the following formula:

  • The number of students in average daily attendance, minus 50.
  • Multiply this number by $100.
  • Add $20,000.
  • If the total is above $60,000, this amount is capped at $60,000.
  • From the amount above, subtract the sum of the allocations received by the LEA during the prior fiscal year under Title II-A.
  • The final allocation may be ratably reduced or increased depending upon:
    • the amount of money Congress appropriates for the program, and
    • the number of eligible LEAs that will receive grant funds in a given fiscal year.

Please note: (1) this calculation provides an estimate only; there are other variables such as the total program appropriation and formula amounts for other eligible LEAs that will affect your final award amount; (2) not all eligible LEAs receive grant funds because the formula calculation may result in an award of $0 (e.g., an LEA that received a particularly large amount of Title II, Part A funds, such as $60,000 or more, would receive $0 under the formula); and (3) the LEA must apply in accordance with the application submission procedures in order to receive grant funds. Please see the Eligibility page to identify the award amount for specific fiscal years FY2017 and beyond.

Award Amounts from Previous Years:

Last Modified: 04/14/2017