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Annual Performance Report

The following text versions of the Annual Performance Report (APR) can be used as working copies to compile information for entry into the Web-based APR.

Grantee-Level Performance Results:

Being Updated.

Financial Status and Program Performance Final Report For State and Partnership GEAR UP Grants

GEAR UP Success Stories

Below are some success stories of different GEAR UP programs

Eastern Arizona College GEAR UP's success stories and activities for January 2023:

ACT Prep with Students - Our school sites are increasing their efforts for students to do ACT prep activities. GU coordinators support staff by providing them with test prep resources and training. In addition, coordinators are also having ACT prep workshops to practice test-taking skills. The resources provided to the site schools are being incorporated into their daily school activities i.e. bell ringers for vocabulary and test questions to help prep students. Core teachers are using the mini-tests available for students to practice tests. Then teachers review areas of strength and weakness better to help prepare students for the official ACT exam in April.

Career and College Fairs - A partner school committee and our GU Coordinator worked together to arrange for a Career and College Fair again this January. Students were allowed to choose from many different career paths and listen to presenters in those industries for roughly 30-40 minutes for the first part of the day. The students were able to rotate to six speakers. The second half of the day is set for students to talk to colleges they may be interested in and see if they have the programs they want. In addition, students had the opportunity to discuss financial aid, scholarship opportunities for students in their career fields, how to enroll, etc. Lastly, students had the option to visit with all branches of the military forces to discuss careers, requirements, etc.

GEAR UP Massachusetts

Credit for Life event at Springfield Conservatory of the Arts (Springfield, MA)

Credit for Life is an interactive and fun financial literacy fair, where students visit booths staffed by teachers & navigate life decisions. Attendees make real-life decisions based on their arbitrarily assigned credit score and career choice, role-playing to budget their money so they can pay their bills on time and establish and maintain good credit—the foundation of a solid and financially stable future.

Vermont GEAR UP

VT GEAR UP, in partnership with the Vermont State College System (VSCS) and the Vermont Agency of Education, developed a “bridge to college math course” for high school juniors and seniors called Essential Math for College and Careers (EMC2). The course was designed by a group of three high school math teachers, three VSCS math faculty, and VT GEAR UP’s Academic Coordinator. Our Academic Coordinator organizes and provides teacher training, course development, and recruits schools to implement the course. If a student successfully completes all 16 core elements of the course they can enroll in any of the VSCS schools without taking an entrance exam and be enrolled in a math class up to the pre-Calc level. The pandemic has made it difficult to make inroads into schools; however, we currently have seven schools teaching the class and next year hope to get the number up to at least 10. With the increase in online learning options for students, our Academic Coordinator is now working on converting this in person class to an online format in an effort to reach more students.

West Virginia GEAR UP

West Virginia GEAR UP’s efforts serve as an incubator for statewide initiatives. College for West Virginia (CFWV), the state’s one-stop shop for planning, applying, and paying for postsecondary education can be attributed in part to the GEAR UP program. This web portal provides free resources to students and families across the state to help them through the college planning process. More than 500,000 accounts have been created through the web portal. These initiatives and others, like the Txt 4 Success college counseling initiative that has enabled more than 79,000 to opt-in to receive support since its inception, would not have been made possible without Federal GEAR UP funding. GEAR UP impacted the way we approach access efforts in West Virginia.

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