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21st Century Community Learning Centers

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Who May Apply: (by category) State Education Agencies (SEAs)

Who May Apply: (specifically) Awards are made to SEAs. Local education agencies (LEAs) and nonprofit organization may apply to states for subgrants.

Formula grants are awarded to State educational agencies, which in turn manage statewide competitions and award grants to eligible entities. For this program, eligible entity means a local educational agency, community-based organization, another public or private entity, or a consortium of two or more of such agencies, organizations, or entities. States must give priority to applications that are jointly submitted by a local educational agency and a community-based organization or other public or private entity.

Consistent with this definition of eligible entities, faith-based organizations are eligible to participate in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program. Regulations are available governing the participation of faith-based organizations in Federal programs for which they are eligible are available.

Last Modified: 04/27/2010