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U.S. Denmark Partnership for Vocational Education

Technical and business education is more important than ever. The interlinked, information-based, global economy demands that workers acquire new skills, especially in technology fields.

This partnership between the United States and Denmark will help each country improve its education system and strengthen its economy. We hope it will serve as a prototype for similar agreements between the U.S. and other European countries focused on working together to improve economic growth.

This project came about through an agreement between the U.S. and Danish Education Departments signed in November 2000. The two countries wanted to learn about each other's vocational education systems, exchange information about the most effective programs and practices, and develop joint projects.

The agreement emphasizes three key areas:

  • Exploring cooperation, information sharing, and research relating to the development of skill standards, curriculum, assessment and teacher development.

  • Using technological resources to improve business and vocational education in colleges, technical and business schools, and other agencies.

  • Developing joint projects through learning, organizational and institutional partnerships.

In addition, the project leaders intend to build an online forum. Here, members of the vocational education community in both countries can share ideas and best practices. They can also arrange physical exchanges, where teachers, students and other professionals can travel to the other country for a direct learning experience.

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Last Modified: 10/16/2007