OVAE: Office of Vocational and Adult Education
Current Section
U.S. Denmark Partnership for Vocational Education

Under the partnership agreement, we are conducting research projects and holding meetings and symposia to identify best practices and encourage innovative change in vocational and technical education.

Skills Assessment and Accreditation

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certifies Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills in accordance with industry needs. It is the largest independent ICT skill certifier, with more than 500,000 certifications issued, second only to Microsoft in total certifications issued.

The CompTIA Educational Foundation, a nonprofit entity, has proposed a research project to plan for the development and implementation of an ICT assessment and certification system that could be used in both the U.S. and Denmark. The group hopes to lay the groundwork for a common credentialing framework that is portable, industry-driven, modular, and well articulated.

ICT Research Project

A joint U.S.-Danish research team has proposed a review of how ICT employees are educated in both countries. The goals of the project are to improve education, training, international content and skill standards in the field, and develop a structure for ongoing cooperation between colleges and education agencies in both nations.

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Last Modified: 10/16/2007