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OCR: Office for Civil Rights!
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About the OCR Web Site

Welcome to the web site of the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.  We’ve tried to make the layout of the site as simple to navigate as possible.  From the home page, the site is organized into six major categories of information:

Know Your Rights –  This section contains information about the what the laws enforced by OCR require, in the areas of sex discrimination, race and national origin discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination. This section also includes information about the OCR complaint process.

Prevention –  This section includes information about how to prevent civil rights problems from arising and how to resolve issues at the local level.

Civil Rights Data –  This section includes information about the Elementary and Secondary Civil Rights Compliance Reports

About OCR –  This section describes the Office for Civil Rights, introduces the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, and includes information about the Impact of Civil Rights Laws, Reports to Congress, OCR Strategic Plan and Government Performance Results Act.

Reading Room –  This is where one can obtain pamphlets, publications and other documents relevant to the Office for Civil Rights.

Related Links – This section contains links to other resources relevant to civil rights interests.  Links have been included that may be of special interest to children and young people.

If this list doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for, try these:

FAQs –  This leads to Frequently Asked Questions about OCR’s complaint process,  discrimination (race, sex, disability, and age discrimination), discriminatory harassment (racial and sexual), and English Language Learners (Limited English Proficient student issues).

Contact Us - This section contains information about how to reach OCR offices and staff, telephone numbers and addresses for the Office for Civil Rights, access to the Department of Education electronic phonebook, various Department toll free numbers, and the names and telephone numbers for about 175 programs that the Department administers.

Topics A-Z –  This is an alphabetical listing of topics users can access through this site.

The Parents Guide to the Internet – This pamphlet contains additional information about the internet and how it works.  The Parents Guide is also available in Spanish: La Guía del Internet para Padres de Familia.

Last Modified: 01/10/2020