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New  Panel on Assessing the English Language Proficiency of English Learner Students with Disabilities
On March 16, 2015, the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) and the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) sponsored a panel on “Assessing the English Language Proficiency (ELP) of English Learner (EL) Students with Disabilities.” Panel sessions included “Differentiating Language and Literacy Acquisition from Disability,” “Valid and Reliable Assessments for English Learners with Disabilities,” and “Assessing ELs With Significant Cognitive Disabilities—Alternate ELP Standards and Assessments, and Growth and Attainment Criteria.” The event agenda ( PDF, 202KB) is available as well as the archived event.


Handbook on Collaboration between Parent Centers and Protection and Advocacy Agencies
This handbook serves as a blueprint on collaboration between the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act funded parent training and information centers (PTIs) and community parent resource centers (CPRCs) and the protection and advocacy (P&A) and client assistance (CAP) programs funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The handbook includes examples of memoranda of understanding (MOU) that projects can use to develop their own MOUs.

Link: www.parentcenterhub.org/repository/collaboration-handbook.


Early Literacy Tools and Resources
The end of third grade is the point at which children transition from learning to read to utilizing reading skills to understand the content of all subject areas. To strengthen third-grade reading proficiency for all students, including students of color and students with disabilities, the My Brother’s Keeper Taskforce has established a dedicated early literacy Web site to provide educators with tools, resources, and a learning community to help them improve reading instruction in their K-3 classrooms.


IDEA Section 618 Data Has a New Home
OSEP has launched a new Web site to publicly report the IDEA Section 618 data as well as provide documentation associated with the data. See how each state is doing for infants, toddlers and children who receive services under IDEA.


About OSEP

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21 by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) authorizes formula grants to states and discretionary grants to institutions of higher education and other non-profit organizations to support research, demonstrations, technical assistance and dissemination, technology and personnel development and parent-training and information centers.


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Last Modified: 04/01/2015