Regional Technical Support and Professional Development Consortia for Technology

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Program Office: Office of School Support and Technology Programs

CFDA Number: 84.302A
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: Regional Technology in Education Consortia, R*TECs

Program Description

The program supported 10 regional centers that disseminate information and resources and provide professional development and technical assistance to SEAs, local education agencies (LEAs), and schools that serve large numbers of disadvantaged students who have limited access to technology.

Types of Projects

Funds were used by the consortia to support preservice and in-service training for educators. Funds also support technology planning assistance and the dissemination of information and resources. The consortia identify and disseminate information on: first, planning for the acquisition of technology; second, research and development (R&D) solutions; and third, applications of technology that improve instruction and student learning. The consortia seek out examples of technology usage that are replicable and widely applicable, and that can be scaled to future needs, capabilities, and uses. The consortia provide services to both public and nonpublic schools, focusing on communities with little access to technology. No funds are provided directly to public or private schools.

Additional Information

The program supports 10 consortia that conduct regional programs of professional development, technical assistance, and dissemination of information resources that address the particular needs of educators and learners. Funds are used by the consortia to support preservice and in-service training for educators.

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Last Modified: 06/16/2014