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Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions -- Title III Part A Programs

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The Notice Inviting Applications for the FY 2022 Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions Program (ANNH), Part A was published in the Federal Register on March 29, 2022. The competition closes on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. (Eastern). For more information on the FY 2022 ANNH competition,  please click here.

Federal Register Notice, click here.

Program Office: Institutional Service

CFDA Numbers:
Part A
84.031N: Alaska Native-Serving Institutions
84.031W: Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions
Part F
84.031R: Alaska Native-Serving Institutions
84.031V: Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions

Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants, Cooperative Agreements

Program Description

This program provides grants and related to assistance to eligible Alaska Native-serving institutions and Native Hawaiian-serving institutions of higher education to enable such institutions to improve and expand their capacity to serve Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.

Types of Projects

Examples of authorized activities include:

  • Purchase, rental, or lease of scientific or laboratory equipment for educational purposes, including instructional and research purposes;
  • Renovation and improvement in classroom, library, laboratory, and other instructional facilities;
  • Support of faculty exchanges, faculty development, and faculty fellowships to assist in attaining advanced degrees in the field of instruction of the faculty;
  • Curriculum development and academic instruction;
  • Purchase of library books, periodicals, and other educational materials;
  • Funds and administrative management, and acquisition of equipment for use in strengthening funds management;
  • Joint use of facilities, such as laboratories and libraries; and
  • Education or counseling services designed to improve the financial literacy and economic literacy of students or the students' families.

Last Modified: 03/31/2022