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Program Office: Office of Special Institutions

CFDA Number: 84.910
Program Type: Direct Appropriation


The U.S. Department of Education provides support for Gallaudet University in order to help promote Guide to Programs | FY 2011 163 Continued top of next page education and employment opportunities for persons who are deaf. The university provides a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in fields related to deafness for students who are deaf and students who are hearing.

Gallaudet also operates the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. This center includes the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, which is an elementary school for children who are deaf; the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, which is a secondary school for students who are deaf; and a National Mission Program, which provides training, technical assistance, and materials related to education of the deaf. The federal government funds these programs in order to support the development, evaluation, and dissemination of model curricula, instructional techniques and strategies, and materials that can be used in a variety of educational environments serving individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing throughout the nation.

In FY 2011, the university enrolled 1,064 degree-seeking undergraduate students, 316 nondegree and part-time students, and 413 graduate students, as well as 239 elementary and secondary education students.


Gallaudet University offers a traditional liberal arts curriculum and graduate programs in fields related to deafness for students who are deaf as well as those who are hearing. To increase the effectiveness of its instructional programs, the university provides communications training, counseling, and other support services for its students who are deaf. Gallaudet also conducts a wide variety of basic and applied deafness research and provides public service programs for persons who are deaf and professionals who work with persons who are deaf.

Last Modified: 04/21/2014