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Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program

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Program Office: Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education
CFDA Number: 84.259A
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: NHCTEP


Under section 116 of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which was reauthorized in 2018 under the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V), Congress appropriates roughly $3M annually for the Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program (NHCTEP). This program awards discretionary grants to community-based organizations primarily serving and representing Native Hawaiians to plan, conduct, and administer to support career and technical education (CTE) programs that lead to one-year certificates or two-year degrees.


NHCTEP grantees use funds for expenses associated with developing challenging academic and technical standards, especially in preparation for high-skill, high-wage, or in--demand occupations in established or emerging professions; and providing technical assistance and professional development that improves the quality of career and technical education teachers, faculty, administrators, and counselors. Students are provided stipends, tuition, books, fees, childcare, counseling, job placement, transportation, supplies, specialized tools, and uniforms that are necessary to fully and effectively participate in CTE programs.

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Last Modified: 02/08/2021