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Example: Use of Accommodations

In Kentucky, classroom practice is the primary criterion for determining whether a student receives an accommodation during the State assessment, and what accommodation it is. Thus, if Richard is given frequent breaks when completing worksheets and when taking classroom assessments, then he will be provided with this accommodation during the State assessment.

Example: List of Selected Assessment Accommodations



  • Flexible schedule

  • Extend the time allotted to complete the test

  • Administer the test in several sessions, specify duration

  • Time of day change

  • Administer the test individually in a separate location

  • Administer the test to a small group in a separate location

  • Provide special lighting or acoustics

  • Provide adaptive or special furniture



  • Braille edition or large-type edition

  • Prompts available on tape

  • Increase spacing between items or reduce items per page or line

  • Reading passages with one complete sentence per line

  • Multi-choice, answers follow questions down bubbles to right

  • Omit questions which cannot be revised, prorate credit

  • Teacher helps student understand prompt

  • Computer reads paper to student

Test Directions

  • Sign directions to students

  • Read directions to student

  • Reread directions for each page

  • Simplify language in directions

  • Underline verbs in instructions

  • Clarify directions

  • Provide additional examples

Use of Assistive Devices/Supports

  • Visual magnification devices

  • Templates to reduce visible print

  • Auditory amplification device, hearing aid, or noise buffers

  • Audio taped administration of sections

  • Secure paper to work area (tape, magnet)

  • Markers to maintain place

  • Dark heavy or raised lines or pencil grips

  • Amanuensis (scribe)

Test Format

  • Increase spacing (wider lines and/or wider margins)

  • Graph paper

  • Paper in alternative format (word processed, Braille, etc.)

  • Allow student to mark responses in booklet rather than answer sheet

Use of Assistive Devices/Supports

  • Word processor

  • Student tapes response for later verbatim transcription

  • Typewriter

  • Communication device

  • Alternative response such as oral, sign, typed, pointing

  • Braille

  • Large diameter, special grip pencil, copy assistance between drafts

  • Slant board or wedge

  • Tape recorder

  • Calculator

  • Abacus

  • Arithmetic tables

  • Spelling dictionary

  • Spell check

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Last Modified: 10/10/2003