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Instructions for Accessing the Department of Education Response to Public Comments on the Draft Upward Bound and McNair Programs' Fiscal Year 2012 Application Packages

The Department of Education’s (Department) response to public comments received on the FY 2012 Upward Bound (UB) and McNair application packages may be accessed by members of the public by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Department of Education Information Collection System Web site at the following address: http://edicsweb.ed.gov/

  2. Click "Browse Active Collections."

  3. This page provides a long list of active Department of Education collections. These collections are presented in numerical order by OMB number (the eight-digit number that begins with an 18). Scroll down until you see the desired collection, listed as follows for UB and McNair:

    • (04742) 1840-0550-v.4 Application for Grants under the Upward Bound Program

    • (04815) 1840-0619-v.4 Application for Grants under Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

  4. Click on the tracking number for the collection [(04742) for UB and (04815) for McNair] to access the "EDICS Collection Package Detail" screen.

  5. Near the bottom of this screen, you will see a link titled "Download Attachments." Click on this link.

  6. This page provides links to each document included in the approved application information clearance packages. Please click the following links to access the Department’s summary of and response to the public comments received on the application packages:

    • For UB, click: "Att_UB_12_Summary of Public Comments (all) 12-6-11(SSfin).doc"

    • For McNair, click: "Att_McNair 2012 Summary of Public Comments 4 25 12 (CPP to 12 not 14).doc"


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Last Modified: 06/13/2012