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Program Oversight Staff - Responsibilities
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The Program Oversight Staff is responsible for overseeing program monitoring throughout OPE, OPE's strategic monitoring plan, OPE monitoring policies, procedures, and standards, and training staff in the above; the Staff establishes OPE-wide policy for grant monitoring.

In performing these responsibilities, the Program Oversight Staff:

  • Develops the OPE strategic monitoring plan and prepares an annual report on its implementation;
  • Develops OPE-wide monitoring policies, procedures, and standards;
  • Reviews and responds to allegations of violations of statutes, regulations, EDGAR, and applicable OMB circulars;
  • Conducts on-site reviews of OPE grants;
  • Trains program staffs on OPE-wide monitoring policies, procedures, and standards; and
  • Conducts field-based grantee technical assistance and training on the OPE-wide monitoring policies, procedures, and standards.

Mailing Address:
Program Oversight Staff
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Postsecondary Education
1990 K Street, N.W., 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

Last Modified: 02/17/2010