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2009-10 Presentations by FIPSE Grantees and Staff
Archived Information

For additional information about a given presentation, including: time and location, speaker's institutional affiliation and contact information, link to the FIPSE project abstract, and instructions for obtaining a copy of presentations, please click on the title of the talk that interests you. We are keeping all 2009 presentations on this list because many of the speakers have provided links to Web versions of their talks.

Current and former FIPSE grantees who wish to submit a notice about an upcoming presentation related to their FIPSE grant should contact for more information.

Revised 1/26/2010

Date Location Title
4/7-9/2010 Belgium Building Transatlantic Graduate Education Programs in Biorenewables
2/5-6/2010 DC FIPSE Project Directors' Meeting - Open to current FIPSE grantees only
2/4-5/2010 DC Congressionally-directed Grants Workshop - Open to current Congressionally-directed grantees only
1/29/2010 CT The Other Climate Change: How the Recession is Impacting Government Grant Funding in General and FIPSE in Particular
1/21/2010 DC Federal Funding for the Campus and the Curriculum: Current Perspectives from the Grant-Making Agencies
11/20/2009 PA Global Perspectives on Literacy
11/19-22/2009 CA Improving Leadership Preparation Programs’ Theory to Practice Linkages
11/19-22/2009 CA Measuring Principals’ Decision-making Knowledge and Skills through Cases
11/19/2009 AR EU-U.S. Programs in Biorenewables
11/17/2009 DC Achieving a Global Perspective on U.S. Campuses
11/14/2009 FL Ocular Disease Diagnostic Tutor (ODDT)
11/6/2009 VA U.S. Higher Education: Domestic and International Trends and Issues
10/29/2009 FL Visionlearning: Building an Open Online Learning Environment for Promoting the Nature and Practice of Science
10/28-30/2009 Mexico North American Program Annual Project Directors’ Meeting - Open to current FIPSE grantees only
10/23/2009 GA Collaborative Teaching Grants: Faculty Development for Integrative Teaching and Learning
10/21/2009 CO Telling Our Story: Recognizing the Value of Consortia
10/21/2009 MI 16 Minute Segment on the STAIR Dual Degree Project on WGVU Radio's Monthly "Global Connections"
10/21/2009 Russia Workshop on Blended and E-Learning at Bauman Moscow State Technical University
10/18-20/2009 DC U.S.- Brazil Program Annual Project Directors’ Meeting - Open to current FIPSE grantees only
10/15/2009 OH International Symposium on Short-Cycle Higher Education -- In the U.S. and Europe: Educational Partnerships for Economic and Community Development
10/11-13/2009 MA EU-U.S. Atlantis Program Annual Project Directors’ Meeting - Open to current FIPSE grantees only
10/8-9/2009 DC EU-U.S. Policy Dialogue – By invitation only.
9/16/2009 Spain Success Strategies for Effective Programmes: Connecting Continents and Business Schools - STAIR Dual Degree Project
9/8/2009 NY Math Education at LaGuardia Going Greener
8/16/2009 DC Teaching the Process of Science as a Means of Engaging Students in Chemistry
8/13-16/2009 CA ELIXR: Using Web-Based, Media Rich, Case Stories to Encourage Innovation in Teaching
8/13-16/2009 CA Digital Storytelling for Enhanced Faculty Development
8/11/2009 CO How Can States and Institutions Make Better Use of Cross-State and Interstate Academic Planning and Programming? Barriers, Incentives, and Benefits
7/17/2009 AZ SOC Educators’ Symposium
7/15/2009 DC Personal and Attitudinal Predictors of Performance on Analytical Reasoning Tasks in Cell Biology: Helping Students Improve Their Study Methods
7/15/2009 MN Teaching the Process of Science
7/14-17/2009 Canada Using Digital Case Stories to Share Innovation in Teaching
6/15/2009 TX Implementation of an International Multidisciplinary Engineering Educational Consortium
4/23/2009 CA Using Moodle as an Online Platform for Course Delivery
2/28/2009 VA Building Collaborations at the Master's Level to Enhance Global Perspectives
2/27/2009 LA Purchasing Power in the NAFTA Region: A Comparative Study from 2000 to 2008
2/27/2009 LA Teaching Entrepreneurship Throth Experiential Learning

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