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Title IX: Sexual Harassment: Princeton University (02112025)

On November 5, 2014, OCR issued its Title IX resolution letter regarding the sexual harassment/violence complaint filed against Princeton University and the resolution agreement obtained to resolve the complaint. The complaint examined whether the University responded promptly and equitably to complaints, reports and any other notice of incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and whether any failure to respond appropriately allowed for the creation and/or continuation of a sexually hostile environment. OCR determined that the University complied with Title IX requirements regarding the notice of non-discrimination and with Title IX requirements regarding the designation and notice of a Title IX Coordinator. OCR determined that the University’s prior grievance procedures failed to comply with the requirements of Title IX. OCR also determined that the University failed to provide a prompt and equitable response to complaints of sexual harassment, including sexual assault/violence, as required by Title IX. OCR further determined that for one student, this failure allowed for the continuation of a hostile environment that limited and denied her access to the education opportunities at the University. On October 12, 2014, the University provided OCR with a signed Resolution Agreement, and in accordance with the Agreement, it submitted revised grievance procedures to address complaints of sexual misconduct (including sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault/violence). The school has also committed to take campus safety seriously and respond to complaints promptly and equitably. In addition, as part of its monitoring of the agreement, the University has agreed to a comprehensive education and prevention program about the school’s policies and procedures regarding sexual assault/violence, as well as the support services and resources available to students, annual climate checks, tracking of its responses and handling of all sexual assault/violence allegations, improved University communication and coordination with local law enforcement agencies, and reexamination of complaints filed from academic year 2011-2012 to Sept. 1, 2014, and specific remedies for students identified in the complaint.

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