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OCO: Office of Communications and Outreach
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Office of Communications & Outreach

The Office of Communications and Outreach is responsible for overall leadership for the Department in its communications and outreach activities. These activities are designed to engage the general public, including a wide variety of education, community, business, parent, student, and other organizations, in the U.S. Department of Education's mission.

Communications include interaction and collaboration with the media, intergovernmental and interagency organizations. The Office directs, coordinates, and recommends policy for activities designed to:

  • Make the Department's policies and the Secretary's goals widely understood by the public and the many groups interested and affected by education matters, with a particular emphasis on under-served groups;

  • Initiate and oversee the creation of specialized and proactive public outreach and information programs of high visibility and timeliness to generate interest in and focus on issues and activities relating to the mission of the Department;

  • Develop productive working relationships with the press, mass media outlets, and the many groups involved in education issues, as well as with other federal agencies, and state and local government and non- governmental organizations;

  • Develop communications strategies and work with all Principal Offices to oversee and coordinate communications efforts to ensure that a clear, coherent, and cohesive message is developed and communicated;

  • Develop Web-based content, digital media, video broadcasts, publications, written documents, and other communication products of high quality with useful content;

  • Lead, monitor, and include interagency cooperation involving the Department; and,

  • Direct and recommend policy for the Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs and recognition programs such as the Presidential Education Awards Program, the Presidential Scholars Program, Blue Ribbon Schools, and ED Green Ribbon School.

Last Modified: 03/13/2020