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Press Release: Department Awards $60 Million in First in the World Grants to 17 Colleges, Universities and Organizations: Grants will help institutions test and develop innovative strategies to improve student outcomes.

Program Office: Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education

CFDA Numbers: 84.116F and 84.116X
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: FITW

Program Description

The FITW program is designed to support the development, replication, and dissemination of innovative solutions and evidence for what works in addressing persistent and widespread challenges in postsecondary education for students who are at risk for not persisting in and completing postsecondary programs, including, but not limited to, adult learners, working students, part-time students, students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, students with disabilities, and first-generation students.

The 2015 FITW program includes two competitions—Development and Validation. The purpose of Development grants is to pilot and test strategies. The purpose of Validation grants is to replicate tested ideas across many institutions. The final goal for both competitions is to add to the database of tested and effective strategies for postsecondary education. These two competitions have separate Federal Register Notices, application packages, and frequently asked questions.

The links for recordings, scripts and slides of the Development, Validation, and Evidence webinars are on the Applicant Information page.

Last Modified: 09/21/2015