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The Alaska Native Education program is seeking reviewers for the FY 2014 discretionary grant competition. If interested, download and follow the instructions listed in the Call for Peer Reviewers Deadline: March 26, 2014.

  • FY 2014 Reviewers Checklist
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Deadline: March 26, 2014

WHO: The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) is seeking peer reviewers for the Alaska Native Education (ANE) program 2014 grant competition.  It is anticipated that the grant competition review will convene in mid-April.  We are casting a wide net seeking the best possible peer reviewers to evaluate applications for the grant.  Reviewers are sought from various backgrounds and professions: PK-12 teachers and principals, college and university educators, researchers and evaluators, social entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, grant-makers and managers, and others with education expertise. 

The following selection criteria must be met in order to be considered for a peer reviewer:

  • Must be from the Alaska Native descent;  or
  • Come from an Alaska village, tribal government, village corporation, or regional corporation; or
  • Must be able to demonstrate experience working with educational systems and programs in Alaska Native communities that include experience with a focus on Alaska Native or American Indian language and culture.

After one or more of the criteria are met, selected reviewers should have expertise in at least one of the following areas:

  • Education – from Early Childhood to Postsecondary
  • Mentoring and Life-skills Development
  • Program Management
  • Project Evaluation
  • At-risk Youth and Young Adults

CONTEXT: The purpose of the ANE program is to meet the unique educational needs of Alaska Natives and to support the development of supplemental education programs to benefit Alaska Natives. Allowable activities for this program include, but are not limited to, the development of curricula and education programs that address the education needs of Alaska Native students, and the development and operation of student enrichment programs in core subject areas such as science and mathematics. Eligible activities also include professional development for educators, activities carried out through Even Start and Head Start programs, family literacy services, and dropout prevention programs.

WHAT: Peer reviewers will independently read, score, and provide written comments for grant applications submitted to the U. S. Department of Education under the ANE program. The application review may be conducted off site and/or on-site in Washington D.C. Reviewers will receive an honorarium for this activity.

REQUIRMENTS: In addition to the skills and expertise highlighted above, peer reviewers must also meet the following requirements:

Availability: Reviewers must be available for approximately two weeks mid- May, 2014 to review at least 10 applications. Tools: Each reviewer must have access to the Internet, a phone, a printer and have the ability to interact within a web-based environment. Quality of Review: Each reviewer must provide detailed, objective, constructive, and timely written reviews for each assigned application. These reviews will be used to recommend applications for funding. They will also be shared with each applicant following the reviews.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: If your organization intends to apply for a grant, you will not be eligible to serve as a reviewer. As a reviewer you will have a conflict of interest if:

  • You helped prepare an application, regardless of financial interest in the success or failure of that application;
  • You have agreed to serve, or if you have been offered a position, as an employee or consultant on the project; or
  • Your personal financial interests will be affected by the outcome of the competition, which would include any teachers or principals whose district is applying for funding.

In addition, individuals should not submit résumés or curriculum vitae if employed by a local education agency submitting an application.

TO APPLY: If you would like to be considered as a peer reviewer, please e-mail a copy of your current résumé or curriculum vitae (No more than 5 pages) along with a completed peer reviewer information checklist, to by March 26, 2014. Please include "2014 ANEReviewer" in the subject line.
Each résumé or curriculum vitae should include information that makes clear the individual’s relevant experience and expertise.
Each résumé or curriculum vitae also must include:

  • Full Name
  • Education (Please list all college degrees, including dates of degrees, institution, and major)
  • All professional position titles, descriptions, and dates in chronological order beginning with, or going back to, your first position after receiving your B.A. or B.S.
  • A full description that outlines how you met the selection criteria above.  Please clearly articulate and explain why you believe you have met the criteria; include information such as - organizational information, relevant dates, and/or a description of the work you accomplished related to the Alaska Native or American Indian language and culture, as appropriate.
  • A detailed description of your current organizational affiliation, and position title
  • Telephone numbers (work, home, or mobile)
  • Home and work mailing addresses
  • Preferred E-mail address

Note: Please save the peer reviewer information checklist, in MS Word only and title the document as follows lastnamefirstname_reviewerchecklist.

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Last Modified: 02/24/2014