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OSHS Grant Competitions and Awards

  • Press Release: U.S. Department of Education Invests More Than $70 Million to Improve School Climate and Keep Students Safe (September 23, 2014)

    To help keep students safe and improve their learning environments, the U.S. Department of Education awarded more than $70 million to 130 grantees in 38 states. The Department made the awards under four new grant programs that were among the common-sense proposals included in President Obama and Vice President Biden’s "Now Is The Time,” a comprehensive plan to make our schools safer, reduce gun violence by keeping guns out of dangerous hands, and increase mental-health services. The new competitive grant programs are:

    • School Climate Transformation grants to school districts—$35,818,097
    • School Climate Transformation grants to states—$7,339,654
    • Project Prevent grants to school districts—$14,167,876
    • School Emergency Management grants to states—$13,082,991


None planned at this time.

Online Publications and Guides

  • Guides for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plan

  • Growing up Drug-Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention (2012)
    This 55-page booklet includes:

    • How This Book Will Help You?
    • What Substances Do Kids Use?
    • Why Do Kids Use Drugs?
    • How Do I Teach My Child About Drugs?
    • What If I Think My Child is Using Drugs?
    • Resources

    Parents and caregivers will find this publication a user-friendly and valuable guide for what to do and how to communicate about the harmful effects of illicit drugs and alcohol to children from elementary through high school. This publication can also be ordered through EdPubs.

  • Mobilizing for Evidenced-Based Character Education

  • Partnerships in Character Education State Pilot Projects, l995-2001 Lessons Learned
    Character includes the emotional, intellectual and moral qualities of a person or group as well as the demonstration of these qualities in prosocial behavior. Character education is an inclusive term encompassing all aspects of how schools, related social institutions and parents can support the positive character development of children and adults. Character education teaches the habits of thought and deed that help people live and work together as families, friends, neighbors, communities and nations.

  • Enhancing Achievement and Proficiency through Safe and Drug-Free Schools is a report by the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. This is a report by the Office of Safe and Healthy Students (formerly OSDFS) Advisory Committee (June 2007). See the press release and report download files MS Word (156K).

  • The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention OJJDP News @ a Glance. This is an on-line bi-monthly newsletter that provides readers with an overview of news from OJJDP including events, publications, and funding opportunities.

  • Practical Information on Crisis Planning: A Guide for Schools and Communities. The guide will give schools, districts and communities the critical concepts and components of good crisis planning, stimulate thinking about the crisis preparedness process, and provide examples of promising practices. download files PDF (1.6M)

Other Publications

Readiness and Emergency Management Publications

ED's OSHS and the REMS Technical Assistance Center have developed a variety of publications to assist local educational agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs) with their emergency management efforts. The publications support an all-hazards approach to collaborative emergency management planning that is guided by the four phases (prevention - mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery). These publications may be accessed at http://rems.ed.gov/display.aspx?page=publications_General.


    Bystander Report This report was developed by the United States Secret Service and United State Department of Education. The report provides knowledge of potential school-based violence and information for studentsthat may prevent a targeted attack.

Ed's Safe & Supportive Schools ListServe Enrollment


If you are interested in receiving prevention education information and opportunities, you are now able to self-enroll to receive ED's SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE SCHOOLS NEWS BULLETIN. The purpose of this listserv is to provide a timely information outlet for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education's Office of Safe and Healthy Students Program. The LISTSERV content may include information on prevention education issues, legislation, and Federal grant opportunities. Click on the link to self-enroll for the OSHS PreventED listserv.


Emergency Response

  • The Emergency Planning website provides school leaders with information to plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts.

Drug Abuse Prevention

Violence Prevention

Grant Resource Collections

Other Internet Resources

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