Character Education

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Editor's Pick  Character Education: Our Shared Responsibility
What character education is, the role of schools in character education, and resources for supporting it. GO >
Editor's Pick  Character Education: Lessons Learned
Lessons learned from character education projects funded under the Partnerships in Character Education Pilot Project from 1995-2001 (May 2008). GO >
Editor's Pick  Evaluating Character Education Interventions
"Mobilizing for Evidence-Based Character Education" suggests strategies for planning and implementing scientifically sound evaluations. GO >
Editor's Pick  Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen
Suggestions for helping children develop compassion, self-discipline, good judgement, respect, responsibility, and other qualities of good character. GO >
Editor's Pick  What Works: Character Education
The What Works Clearinghouse reviewed programs with attention to student outcomes related to positive character development, prosocial behavior, and academic performance. GO >
Editor's Pick  Conference on Character and Community
Presentations at the White House Conference on Character and Community. (June 2002) GO >
Editor's Pick  Partnerships in Character Education Program
Learn about the ED program that supports character education. GO >
Editor's Pick  Character Education Projects
Projects that received awards from the ED Partnerships in Character Education Program. GO >
Editor's Pick  Character Education and Civic Engagement Assistance Center
The Character Education and Civic Engagement Technical Assistance Center provides information on character education and civic engagement. GO >
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