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New York University
Principal Investigator: Jan Plass
Development Project: Molecules and Minds: Simulations for Chemistry Education

Purdue University
Principal Investigator: Panayota Mantzicopoulos
Development Project: The Scientific Literacy Project: Enhancing Young Children's Scientific Literacy through Reading and Inquiry-Centered Adult-Child Dialog

University of Illinois
Principal Investigator: Arthur Baroody
Development Project: Developing an Intervention to Foster Early Number Sense and Skill

University of Southern California
Principal Investigator: Carole Beal
Development Project: AnimalWatch: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Grade 6 Mathematics

The Ohio State University Research Foundation
Principal Investigator: Douglas Owens
Efficacy Project: Classroom Connectivity in Promoting Mathematics and Science Achievement

Principal Investigator: Carne Barnett-Clarke
Efficacy Project: Math Pathways and Pitfalls Lessons for K-7 Students: Improving Mathematics Achievement for English Language Learners

Regents of the University of California
Principal Investigator: Prentice Starkey
Scale-Up Project: Scaling Up the Implementation of a Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum in Public Preschool Programs

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York
Principal Investigator: Douglas Clements
Scale-Up Project: Scaling Up TRIAD: Teaching Early Mathematics for Understanding with Trajectories and Technologies

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Last Modified: 08/02/2005