2006-07 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education
ACG/National SMART Grants Team Final Agenda

  1. Rigorous secondary school programs

    • Who defines rigor?

  2. Mandatory institutional participation in ACG and National SMART Grants

  3. Eligibility of certificate programs for ACG

  4. Requirement that Pell Grants and ACG or National SMART Grants be disbursed at the same institution when awarded within the same term

  5. Grade point average:

    • Transfer students
    • Coursework
    • Timing of calculation
    • Eligibility for disbursement
  6. Academic year progression

  7. Interpretation of previously enrolled for student eligibility

    • College credits earned while in high school, including dual-credit programs and early college programs
    • Treatment of AP/IB courses and credits

  8. Majors

    • Additional majors and CIP codes
    • Institutional flexibility in determining majors

  9. Clarify what successful completion of rigorous secondary school program of study means

  10. Departmental monitoring disbursements of student awards by academic year

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Last Modified: 02/22/2007