Education Grants: Application, Management, & Closeout
(Grantmaking at ED)

Interested in learning about how to get and manage a grant from ED?

Grantmaking at ED
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Grantmaking at ED provides a non-technical summary of ED's discretionary grant process and the laws and regulations that govern it. This document has been updated to include as of April 2021 applicable laws and regulations governing discretionary grants at ED. Additional updates, to keep this document current, will be provided as needed.

This publication is intended for individuals and organizations that are interested in applying to ED for discretionary grants and cooperative agreements, have received an award, or are interested in knowing more about ED's discretionary grant process. It describes how grant programs are administered by ED, and the process for the public to apply for and receive discretionary grants.

This document does not contain information about ED programs that give student financial assistance or funding through formula grant programs. Information about federal student aid is available at: Information about all ED grants is available at: Readers may also refer to "Other Information" at the end of this publication to locate information on other types of assistance.

We hope you find this publication helpful. We appreciate your interest in our grant programs and look forward to working with you to promote educational excellence and equity in the United States.

Grantmaking at ED, April 2021 Download files PDF (721K)

Last Modified: 04/30/2021