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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Provisions Related to Children With Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools
March 2011

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Expenditures and Proportionate Share of Federal IDEA Funds

To meet the requirements of IDEA, every year each LEA must expend a proportionate share of federal IDEA funds on equitable services for parentally placed private school children with disabilities. The formula for determining the proportionate share is discussed in the next section. Each LEA must, after timely and meaningful consultation with representatives of parentally placed private school children with disabilities, determine the number of parentally placed private school children with disabilities attending private schools located in the LEA.

If necessary for a parentally placed child to benefit from or participate in the services provided under the services plan, he or she must be provided with transportation from the school or the home to a site other than the private school; and from the service site to the private school, or to the child's home, depending on the timing of the services. LEAs are not required to provide transportation from the child's home to the private school. The cost of this transportation may be included in calculating whether the LEA has met the expenditure requirements of the proportionate share.

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