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Safe & Drug-Free Schools

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Editor's Pick  Report to the President on School Safety
A report to the President on issues raised by the Virginia Tech tragedy and other resources to help schools and communities keep children safe. GO >
Editor's Pick  Safe and Healthy Students Programs
Drug and violence prevention, correctional and character education, health, mental health, and physical education. GO >
Editor's Pick  MRSA Skin Infections
Answers to questions about MRSA skin infections (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). GO >
Editor's Pick  Conference on School Safety
Transcripts, videos, and resources from a conference on school safety. (October 2006) GO >
Editor's Pick  Educational Facilities National Clearinghouse
Resources for assessing campus safety and security, and for designing high performance school facilities. GO >
Editor's Pick  Pandemic Flu
Resources to help school leaders plan and prepare for an outbreak of pandemic flu. GO >
Editor's Pick  Youth and School Violence Prevention Resources
More than 50 federal documents and websites on youth and school violence prevention. GO >
Editor's Pick  Practical Information on Crisis Planning: A Guide for Schools and Communities
Guide and companion brochure provide schools and communities with basic guidelines and useful ideas on how to develop emergency response and crisis management plans. GO >
Editor's Pick  Implications for the Prevention of School Attacks
Report based on examination of 37 incidents of targeted school shootings and school attacks. GO >
Editor's Pick  Threat Assessment in Schools
Suggestions for developing a threat assessment team in a school or district, steps to take when a threat or other information of concern comes to light, when to involve law enforcement personnel, and more. GO >
Editor's Pick  Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools
Technical assistance and resources for schools and districts seeking to strengthen their crisis management plans. GO >
Editor's Pick  PreventED Listserv
Email updates on violence and drug prevention -- federal programs, grant opportunities, and reports. GO >
Editor's Pick  Safe Schools, Healthy Students
Information and grants to help prevent youth violence and substance abuse from three federal agencies. GO >
Editor's Pick  Helping America's Youth
Learn about challenges facing our youth, particularly at-risk boys, and how adults can help. Includes a "community guide" on how to build partnerships, assess needs and resources, and more. GO >
Editor's Pick  Emergency Planning
Information to help school leaders plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents, and terrorist acts. GO >
Editor's Pick  Truancy Prevention
Promising strategies, training, research, and federal initiatives for preventing truancy. GO >
Editor's Pick  Health and safety
Teaching and learning resources on health and safety from federal agencies. GO >
Editor's Pick  School Safety organizations
Organizations that provide information or assistance related to school safety. GO >
Editor's Pick  Preventing Impaired Driving and Underage Drinking
Safe Lanes on Campus: A Guide for Preventing Impaired Driving and Underage Drinking addresses alcohol use by underage college students and driving under the influence of alcohol by college students of all ages. GO >
Editor's Pick  Publications
ED publications on school safety, campus crime, and alcohol and drug abuse. GO >
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