The Department's FY 2018-19 Priority Performance Goals
February 2018

The Department identified four Agency Priority Goals (APGs) for FY 2018–19. Improving education starts with allowing greater decision-making authority at the state and local levels and empowering parents and students with educational options. These APGs aim to increase educational choice, improve the customer service the Department provides, ensure students are protected, and reduce red tape.

Improve the access to, and the quality and transparency of, school choice options for K-12 students.
By September 30, 2019, the Charter School Program (CSP) will support the creation and expansion of 300 new charter schools nationally. The CSP will also support the enrollment of 50,000 students in new charter schools. Additionally, by September 30, 2019, the Department will disseminate eight resources, at least one per quarter, on evidence-based and promising practices related to school choice.

Improve borrowers’ access to quality customer service.
By September 30, 2019, Federal Student Aid (FSA) will improve customers’ access to and availability of quality customer service by decreasing the overall average speed of answer to 60 seconds or less, decreasing abandoned rates to three percent or less, and requiring all non-default federal student loan servicers to expand and standardize call center hours.

Improve student privacy and data security at Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) through outreach and compliance efforts.
By September 30, 2019, the Department will increase information security program outreach activities to IHEs by 40% in order to help protect Federal systems and data privacy and security and commence audits of IHEs subject to A-133 and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), resulting in 36 IHEs (from a baseline of zero) completing an audit of GLBA-related information security safeguards with no significant findings.

Provide regulatory relief to education stakeholders.
By September 30, 2019, the Department will reduce the regulatory burden on education stakeholders by submitting to OMB no less than 25 deregulatory actions (against a baseline of zero (0) for FYs 2015 and 2016).

For more information on the Department's FY 2018-19 Agency Priority Goals, please go to www.Performance.gov.

Last Modified: 02/15/2018