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Special Education--Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities

Current Section  Awards
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Current grantees under the Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities program, as of October 1, 2012, are listed below. For more information on specific projects, including project abstracts and contact information, please visit the Office of Special Education Program's Discretionary Grants Public Database at: To locate a specific project in that database, search using its grant/PR number. The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) of the initial grant award for a project is indicated by the two digits following the second alpha (e.g., H323A110005 was first awarded in FFY 2011).

84.325A: Center to Support the Development of Effective Educators to Serve Students with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H325A120003 University of Florida

84.325B: Early Childhood Personnel Center
PR # Awardee
H325B120004 University of Connecticut Health Center

84.325C: National Center to Improve the Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Personnel for Children with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H325C080001 NASDSE

84.325D: Preparation of Special Education, Early Intervention, and Related Services Leadership Personnel
PR # Awardee
H325D090003 Purdue University
H325D090012 Regents of the University of Minnesota
H325D090016 Boston College
H325D090025 University of South Carolina
H325D090034 Tulane University
H325D090040 University of Miami
H325D090042 Pennsylvania State University
H325D090044 University of Alabama
H325D090045 University of Arizona
H325D090048 University of Albany
H325D090049 Gallaudet University
H325D090050 The George Washington University
H325D090051 California State University
H325D090053 Utah State University
H325D090054 University of Florida
H325D090056 University of Massachusetts – Amherst
H325D090057 University of North Carolina – Charlotte
H325D090058 University of Central Arkansas
H325D090059 University of Cincinnati
H325D090063 Old Dominion University Research Foundation
H325D090065 University of Florida
H325D090068 University of Texas – Austin
H325D090075 University of South Florida
H325D090077 Vanderbilt University
H325D090080 University of Florida
H325D090084 University of New Orleans
H325D090087 University of Illinois
H325D100008 The University of Iowa
H325D100010 Vanderbilt University
H325D100013 Bank Street College of Education
H325D100019 Lehigh University
H325D100023 University of Oregon
H325D100026 The Research Foundation of SUNY
H325D100027 Vanderbilt University
H325D100030 The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
H325D100034 Vanderbilt University
H325D100045 The University of North Carolina – Greensboro
H325D100048 Florida International University
H325D100050 Texas A&M University
H325D100051 The George Washington University
H325D100054 The Ohio State University
H325D100055 University of Florida
H325D100059 University of Central Florida
H325D100061 Oregon State University
H325D100062 University of Illinois/Trustees
H325D100067 Johns Hopkins University
H325D100068 Alfred University
H325D100070 University of Hawaii
H325D100072 University of Washington
H325D110001 University of Pittsburgh
H325D110003 Regents of the University of Michigan
H325D110008 Pennsylvania State University – University Park,
H325D110009 University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
H325D110012 The Curators of the University of Missouri
H325D110015 The Regents of the University of California – Riverside
H325D110030 Georgia State University
H325D110035 The Regents of New Mexico State University
H325D110037 Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois – Champaign
H325D110045 University of Oregon
H325D110046 Texas A&M University
H325D110049 University of South Florida
H325D110060 University of Connecticut
H325D110065 University of Central Florida
H325D110070 The University of Texas – Austin
H325D110071 University of North Carolina – Greensboro
H325D110076 University of North Texas
H325D110078 The George Washington University
H325D120009 University of Colorado – Denver
H325D120014 University of Washington
H325D120018 University of North Carolina – Charlotte
H325D120020 Arizona Board of Regents/University of Arizona
H325D120032 California State – Los Angeles
H325D120036 George Mason University
H325D120054 Florida Memorial University
H325D120060 University of St. Thomas
H325D120062 Florida State University
H325D120065 University of Kansas Center for Research
H325D120070 Syracuse University
H325D120091 Vanderbilt University
H325D120097 University of Connecticut

84.325E: National Center for Development of Coursework and Training Modules to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H325E120002 Vanderbilt University

84.325K: Personnel Preparation in Special Education, Early Intervention, and Related Services
PR # Awardee
H325K090102 University of Vermont & State Agricultural College
H325K090103 Florida International University
H325K090105 Minot State University
H325K090107 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H325K090108 University of San Diego
H325K090109 Virginia Commonwealth University
H325K090111 University of Illinois
H325K090115 George Washington University
H325K090118 Portland State University
H325K090120 University of Kentucky
H325K090124 Vanderbilt University
H325K090203 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H325K090207 Kent State University
H325K090210 Western Carolina University
H325K090212 University of Arkansas, Little Rock
H325K090213 University of Kansas Center for Research
H325K090214 University of North Texas
H325K090217 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Board of Regents
H325K090219 University of Illinois
H325K090220 University of South Florida
H325K090223 Salus University
H325K090224 San Fransisco State University
H325K090229 University of Arizona
H325K090232 Northern Illinois University
H325K090237 University of Oregon
H325K090238 The CSU, Chico Research Foundation
H325K090241 Bank Street College of Education
H325K090242 Lamar University
H325K090243 University of Georgia
H325K090247 Northern Arizona University
H325K090248 Purdue University
H325K090250 University of California, San Diego
H325K090302 Florida State University
H325K090304 Vanderbilt University Medical Center
H325K090306 Oregon State University
H325K090307 University of Cincinnati
H325K090308 Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
H325K090309 Gallaudet University
H325K090310 Pennsylvania State University
H325K090312 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
H325K090314 Michigan State University
H325K090316 Indiana University
H325K090319 University of Kentucky Research Foundation
H325K090322 San Francisco State University
H325K090328 University of Massachusetts Amherst
H325K090331 University of Nebraska, Lincoln
H325K090332 University of Texas at Austin
H325K090401 Florida International University
H325K090403 Texas State University, San Marcos
H325K090404 University of Maryland
H325K090405 University of Alabama at Birmingham
H325K090407 Lamar University
H325K090408 Gallaudet University
H325K090409 Texas Women's University
H325K090413 University of Texas at El Paso
H325K090414 Research Foundation/CUNY, on behalf of Queens College
H325K090415 University of Central Florida
H325K090416 California State University, Fullerton
H325K090419 Cal State LA, Auxiliary Services
H325K100116 The Catholic University of America
H325K100117 Fordham University
H325K100119 University of Washington
H325K100120 University of Wisconsin System/Board of Regents
H325K100122 University of San Diego
H325K100124 University of Maine System/University of Maine
H325K100125 The George Washington University
H325K100126 University of Maryland
H325K100132 University of Northern Iowa
H325K100134 Illinois State University
H325K100135 University of Southern Mississippi
H325K100203 University of Guam
H325K100209 University of Central Florida
H325K100219 Valdosta State University
H325K100224 San Diego State University Research Foundation
H325K100228 Vanderbilt University
H325K100230 Western Michigan University
H325K100231 University of Colorado/Regents
H325K100233 University of Arizona/Regents
H325K100234 University of Northern Colorado
H325K100245 University of Utah
H325K100249 University of Nebraska–Lincoln/Regents
H325K100251 Florida State University
H325K100305 University of Wisconsin–LaCrosse/Regents
H325K100313 Nazareth College of Rochester
H325K100320 Northeastern State University
H325K100321 San Diego State University Research Foundation
H325K100322 University of Memphis
H325K100325 University of Pittsburgh
H325K100326 Florida State University
H325K100330 Western Michigan University
H325K100333 University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
H325K100402 Chicago State University
H325K100408 University of Texas HSC
H325K100409 San Diego State University Research Foundation
H325K100413 San Diego State University Research Foundation
H325K100426 University Corporation, CSUN
H325K100427 San Jose State University Research Foundation
H325K100428 University Corporation at Monterey Bay
H325K100429 New Mexico State University/Regents
H325K100432 University of Texas of the Permian Basin
H325K100439 University of Hawaii
H325K100443 Salus University
H325K100501 Utah State University
H325K100504 University of North Texas
H325K100505 Kent State University
H325K100508 University of Oregon
H325K100510 Auburn University
H325K100511 University of Kansas
H325K110138 Columbia University
H325K110139 University of Alabama – Birmingham
H325K110141 University of Pittsburg
H325K110143 The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
H325K110152 University of Miami
H325K110154 University of Missouri/Curators
H325K110157 University of Georgia
H325K110159 Florida State University
H325K110164 University of Oregon
H325K110201 University of Montana
H325K110205 University of Wisconsin Systems/Board of Regents
H325K110210 University of Arizona/Regents
H325K110224 California Lutheran University
H325K110225 University of Washington
H325K110226 University of North Carolina – Charlotte
H325K110232 University of Rochester
H325K110238 The George Washington University
H325K110241 Texas Tech University
H325K110244 Rochester Institute of Technology
H325K110246 Western Oregon University
H325K110303 University of Hawaii
H325K110306 University of Utah
H325K110310 University of South Florida
H325K110315 Pennsylvania State University – University Park
H325K110322 Chico Research Foundation
H325K110326 San Francisco State University
H325K110330 Syracuse University
H325K110332 The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
H325K110338 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H325K110404 University of California/Regents
H325K110406 Howard University
H325K110410 California State Los Angeles University Auxiliary Services, Inc.
H325K110411 Wayne State University
H325K110412 University of Massachusetts – Boston
H325K110415 University Research Foundation/San Jose
H325K110417 University of Massachusetts – Boston
H325K110420 University of Central Florida
H325K110426 CUNY/Queens College
H325K110437 Gallaudet University
H325K110502 University of Maryland
H325K110503 Portland State University
H325K110505 University of South Carolina
H325K110507 University of Oklahoma/Regents
H325K110508 University Research Foundation/San Diego
H325K110509 University of Illinois
H325K110512 The George Washington University
H325K110515 Michigan State University
H325K120154 Utah State University
H325K120157 University of Vermont
H325K120159 George Washington University
H325K120161 Fontbonne University
H325K120162 San Diego State University
H325K120163 Illinois State University
H325K120172 Loyola University – Chicago
H325K120174 Kent State University
H325K120176 University of New Hampshire
H325K120207 University of Central Florida
H325K120209 California State University – Los Angeles
H325K120212 University of Minnesota
H325K120213 University of Oregon
H325K120214 University of Arizona
H325K120218 University of Northern Colorado
H325K120219 University of Northern Colorado
H325K120230 University of Kentucky
H325K120231 University of Georgia
H325K120239 CUNY/La Guardia
H325K120303 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
H325K120305 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
H325K120306 The University of Utah
H325K120310 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
H325K120314 Gallaudet University
H325K120327 University of Massachusetts – Amherst
H325K120329 California State University Long Beach Foundation
H325K120341 The Florida State University
H325K120355 The University of Texas at Austin
H325K120356 The University of Akron
H325K120405 South Carolina State University
H325K120406 California State University – Fresno
H325K120408 Fontbonne University
H325K120410 San Jose State University
H325K120415 Florida International University
H325K120418 San Diego State University
H325K120425 CUNY/Medgar Evers College
H325K120430 University of Texas Health Sciences Center – San Antonio
H325K120432 Florida International University

84.325N: Paraprofessional Preservice Program Improvement Grants
PR # Awardee
H325N100008 Lehigh Carbon Community College
H325N100019 South Carolina Research Foundation
H325N100021 Virginia Commonwealth University
H325N100022 Heartland Community College
H325N100027 Kirkwood Community College
H325N100031 University of Colorado – Denver
H325N100033 University of Colorado – Denver
H325N100037 University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College
H325N100038 Utah State University
H325N100039 University of the District of Columbia
H325N110001 University of North Carolina, Charlotte
H325N110003 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
H325N110007 University of Dayton
H325N110010 Tacoma Community College
H325N110013 Northampton County Area Community College
H325N110014 University of Toledo – Research & Sponsored Programs
H325N110015 Dakota College at Bottineau
H325N110017 Western Oregon University
H325N110018 University of Colorado, Denver

84.325R: National Outreach and Technical Assistance Center on Discretionary Awards for Minority Institutions
PR # Awardee
H325R080002 Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

84.325T: Special Education Preservice Program Improvement Grants
PR # Awardee
H325T080001 California State University, Chico
H325T080002 James Madison University
H325T080003 Boise State University
H325T080010 University of Southern Maine
H325T080015 Virginia Commonwealth University
H325T080021 Valdosta State University
H325T080031 University of Texas of the Permian Basin
H325T080032 University of Central Florida
H325T080033 North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
H325T080034 University of Alabama, Birmingham
H325T080036 University of St. Francis
H325T080039 Wright State University
H325T080040 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H325T080041 Muskingum College
H325T080044 University of Maryland
H325T080046 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
H325T080047 Radford University
H325T080051 University of Northern Colorado
H325T080052 George Mason University
H325T080057 Loyola Marymount University
H325T090007 California University of Pennsylvania
H325T090008 Georgia College and State University
H325T090009 The College of William & Mary
H325T090011 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
H325T090012 University of South Carolina
H325T090014 SUNY Fredonia
H325T090018 Bank Street College of Education
H325T090020 University of Nevada, Reno
H325T090021 University of Southern Mississippi
H325T090024 Cleveland State University
H325T090025 Chestnut Hill College
H325T090027 Johns Hopkins University
H325T100002 Research Foundation of State University of New York, New Paltz
H325T100003 University of Washington, Tacoma
H325T100009 University of Miami
H325T100015 Research Foundation of SUNY (with SUNY Cortland)
H325T100016 The College of Saint Rose
H325T100018 California State University, Fullerton
H325T100026 Pace University
H325T100027 University of New Orleans
H325T100028 Research Foundation of SUNY, Albany
H325T110002 University of Florida
H325T110003 University of Pittsburgh
H325T110004 University of South Carolina
H325T110009 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
H325T110011 University Corporation
H325T110012 Montclair State University
H325T110015 University of Hawaii
H325T110016 Fordham University
H325T110018 Canisius College

84.325V: Leadership Preparation in Sensory Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H325V090001 Salus University

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