Migrant Education Even Start

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Funding Status


Appropriation: $1,993,000

(The FY 2010 Competition planned for Spring. The Awards would be available October 2010.)


Appropriation: $1,993,620


Appropriation: $1,903,632
Number of New Awards: 0
Number of Continuation Awards: 10
Average Continuation Award: $190,363
Range of Continuation Awards: $77,475-$254,360


Appropriation: $2,468,482. Twenty-three continuations will be awarded.

Note: This is one of several programs funded from a 5 percent set-aside from the appropriation for the Even Start program (see # 84.213, under topical heading "Reading"). (The set-aside is 5 percent when the Even Start appropriations is $200 million and below, and 6 percent when the appropriation is above $200 million.)

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Last Modified: 03/01/2010