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Annual Performance Report Letter to Project Directors

November 2013

Dear CCAMPIS Project Director:

I am writing regarding the Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Program annual performance report (APR) submission for program year 2012-13. The deadline for submitting the APR is December 9, 2013.

A hard copy of the CCAMPIS APR is enclosed for your use. Please note that it has been reformatted to include accounting for low-income graduate students and/or low-income foreign students participating in the CCAMPIS Program. The report allows for ease of reporting and will collect information in a format that will provide data that is more compatible with the accountability and tracking requirements of the Department of Education (Department). In addition, the Department will use the information provided in the report to determine how effectively your institution achieved the measurements set for the the objectives of its grant and whether it is in the best interest of the government to continue funding for subsequent years of the grant award cycle.

This report requires performance information relative to:

  • Data on the service population;
  • Information on institutional and community/local resources used to help low-income students access child care services;
  • Information on the accreditation of your child care facilities;
  • Information on the CCAMPIS Program-funded services provided to the service population;
  • Information on the impact of the CCAMPIS Program grant on the quality, availability, and affordability of campus-based child care; and
  • Data on the persistence and college completion rates of the student participants.

The APR (in an electronic fill-in format) is downloadable by visiting the CCAMPIS Web page at Click the “Performance” tab to find an electronic copy of the report. All reports must be submitted electronically via e-mail by the deadline date. If you are unable to submit your APR electronically, please contact your assigned program specialist.

Please do not submit reports in PDF formats. For ease of tabulation, please submit Section III A (Persistence and Graduation) in an Excel format [only] as provided, not in Word or not as a PDF attachment. Section III A, Excel worksheet, has been reformatted to improve data collection and tabulation. Please copy and paste past annual report sections to the appropriate worksheet page.

A signed copy of Section 1 (certifying that the information submitted is accurate, complete, and readily verifiable) must be sent in PDF format along with the report. Please e-mail the report and the signed Section 1 as a PDF attachment to:

Ms. Princess Uzzelle

Thank you for your continued cooperation in the completion of this report. If you have any questions concerning this report, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned program specialist.


Eileen S. Bland
Acting Senior Director
Student Service


  • Annual Performance Report (APR) Form: download files MS Word (166K) | PDF (413K)
  • APR Form, Section III (fillable): download files MS Excel (449K)

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Last Modified: 11/15/2013