Technical Support for the Department of Education's Initiative to Link Research and Practice To Improve Results for Individuals with Disabilities


POC Yolanda Abney, 202-708-6498, or Dorothy Moody on 202-708-8236 PendingAvailability of Funds, the U.S. Department of Educations intends to solicitproposals to make multiple awards under an indefinite quantity contract, withall work issued through either fixed price or time and materials task order orwork requests. This requirement, under the Office of Special Education Programs,Division of Research to Practice, will provide technical support under theIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The following fivefunctional tasks shall be established: 1) The Strategic Program Planning andManagement activity involves the design and implementation of a strategicplanning process to link the discretionary programs supported under IDEA intoclear and compelling research to practice agenda; 2) Policy Assessments will bea quick turnaround analyses of major policy issues related directly to internaldiscussions on budget, legislative and program decisions and backgroundanalyses; 3) Program Assessments shall involve conceptualizing, designing andconducting studies on policy issues and answering specific assessment questionsabout discretionary program outcomes and impact; 4) This activity is theCommunication of Research Program Assessments in which the contractor shalldevelop and use innovative communication approaches to ensure research isvisible, accessible, etc.,; 5) Activity 5 is Management Services for Conferencesand Meetings. The period of performance is one year with four option years. To request a hardcopy of this RFP, please call the RFP Request Line on(202) 708-6498. For web or downloading problems ONLY call Sharon Masciana on(202) 708-7665.)

This is to announce that Amendment No. 0001 has been issued for RFP-97-023. This amendment extends the date for receipt of proposals to August 5, 1997, and also provides clarification for various issues. - Amendment Number 0001 - Zipped 4 Files (ASCII and Word Perfect 6.1 text)

readme.txt (2K) - List of files and instructions (ASCII text)

97023.txt (242K) - RFP in ASCII text format for on-line viewing only.

sow.txt (27K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text)

sow.wpd (30K) - Statement of Work (Wordperfect 6.1) (12K) - Zip files in Wordperfect 6.1 format

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Last Modified: 10/03/2003