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Overview: Access for a Broad Range of Users

One of the guiding principles for is that our information needs to be accessible to anyone who needs it. It has to be usable for people with lower-end hardware or software, people with disabilities, people using mobile devices, and so on.

We made changes to the site in June 2014 to improve the site for users with mobile devices. The purpose of this guide is to help you use the new features of the site, and continue to create content that serves the widest audience.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design refers to a fluid web page layout that scales from handheld device displays to large, high-resolution computer displays (see for more). A responsive design approach lets us show our content on all these different devices without having to build separate pages or sites for each device.

We are using a web framework called Bootstrap that provides tools for responsive design. It also provides useful design elements that we'll mention in other sections of this guide.

Table of Contents

Last Modified: 2/1/2017