No Child Left Behind: A Toolkit for Teachers

This toolkit provides information about the No Child Left Behind Act and how it supports teachers. An overview of the law's "highly qualified" teacher provisions is included

Archived Information

Table of Contents

1.  Title Page
2.  Foreword
A Letter from the President of the United States
A Letter from the U.S. Secretary of Education
3.  What is No Child Left Behind?
No Child Left Behind at a Glance: The Law That Ushered in a New Era
Why No Child Left Behind Is Important to America
4.  What Does "Highly Qualified" Mean for Teachers?
The Highly Qualified Teacher Provisions of No Child Left Behind
How the Federal Government Helps
Report Cards and Parent Notification
5.  Questions Teachers Frequently Ask About No Child Left Behind
Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements
Student Assessment
Scientifically Based Research
Safe Schools
Learning More About No Child Left Behind
6.  No Child Left Behind: Supporting America's Teachers
Liability Protection, Loan Forgiveness and Tax Relief
Reading First: A $6 Billion Investment to Improve the Reading Skills of Young Children
Helping Teachers Improve Math and Science Achievement
Teaching English Language Learners
Teaching Students with Disabilities
Data-Driven Decision Making
At a Glance: Some Federal, State and Local Responsibilities Under No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Around the Nation: Examples of State, District and School Initiatives to Support Teaching and Learning
7.  Additional Resources for Teachers
Internet Resources for Teachers
8.  Notes

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Last Modified: 08/13/2009