Ready to Read * Ready to Learn
First Lady Laura Bush's Education Initiatives
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Strong Teachers, Strong Families, Strong Students

From the crib to the classroom, children need parents, teachers and others to prepare them for success in school and in life.

The scientific research of the past decade reveals how children learn to read and how we can enhance that process. Evidence clearly demonstrates that parents and pre-school programs can use specific activities to help children get ready to read and ready to learn. Beyond that, we know we need many more talented and enthusiastic teachers, especially in our under-served schools.

Major threats to a child's educational development and well being are not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Choices that we make for infants and children impact the choices which children, in turn, make later in life.

The First Lady actively supports Reach Out and Read, programs similar to Ready to Read, Teach For America, The New Teacher Project and Troops to Teachers. These programs are an effort truly worthy of our nation's support and commitment.

We must do more than say that all children can learn. We must believe it. Mrs. Bush is proud to join with President Bush in his mission to reform education with the Ready to Read, Ready to Learn Initiative.

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Last Modified: 03/01/2007