Teaching Our Youngest
A Guide for Preschool Teachers and Child Care and Family Providers

This is the index page for the publication, "Teaching Our Youngest: A Guide for Preschool Teachers, Childcare, and Family Providers". It draws from scientifically based research about what pre-school teachers and childcare providers can do to help children develop their language abilities, increase their knowledge, become familiar with books and other printed materials, learn letters and sounds, recognize numbers and learn to count.

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Table of Contents

1.  Title Page
2.  Acknowledgments
3.  Introduction
4.  Creating a Learning Environment for Young Children
5.  Reading Aloud to Children
6.  Developing Listening and Speaking Skills
7.  Teaching About the Sounds of Spoken Language
8.  Teaching about Print
9.  Teaching about Books
10.  Teaching about Letters
11.  Building Children's Background Knowledge and Thinking Skills
12.  Teaching about Numbers and Counting
13.  Checking Children's Progress
14.  Communicating with Parents and Caregivers
15.  Some Helpful Terms to Know
16.  Suggested Reading
17.  7 Super Things Parents and Caregivers Can Do Bookmark
18.  7 cosas geniales que los padres y los cuidadores pueden hacer Bookmark

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Last Modified: 08/31/2007