Programs & Projects in RSA : Formula Grants - Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Information and Guidance

The Comprehensive System of Personnel Development provisions of the Rehabilitation Act require that each state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency develop and implement plans for an effective and comprehensive approach to developing its human resources. The links below provide current information on CSPD:

  1. Commissioner's Memorandum 98-12:
    State Plans for Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development: This document is the landmark statement that specified RSA expectations of state VR agencies with respect to the personnel standards for rehabilitation counselors employed by state VR agencies.

  2. Practical Guide to CSPD:
    This guide is a brief overview of CSPD requirements written in a direct, easy to read format. It also includes a "checklist" of CSPD requirements for use by state VR agencies.

  3. CSPD: Common Questions and Answers:
    This is the most complete treatment of issues, concerns and ideas on the subject available to consumers, administrators, educators, practitioners and researchers. It was developed by the Rehabilitation Training Work Group, which is composed of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR), the National Council on Rehabilitation "Education (NCRE), the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC), the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) and RSA.

  4. CSPD Training Grantees:
    This page identifies and describes the RSA-funded training grants specifically intended to assist state vocational rehabilitation agencies train currently employed vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors to required degree standards. As such, these projects provide training only to currently employed vocational rehabilitation counselors, to help them meet state VR agency personnel standards required under the CSPD.

  5. Order the IRI on CSPD:
    This link takes you to the web page that allows you to order the IRI document entitled "Achieving Employment Outcomes Through VR counselors who meet the Comprehensive System of personnel Development Requirements." This document was written as part of the 25th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues and represents, perhaps, the most comprehensive document of the full range of CSPD issues.

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Last Modified: 11/07/2007