RSA - Long-Term Training Projects: Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

Long-Term Training Projects
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

Grants in the field of Comprehensive System of Personnel Development are intended to assist state vocational rehabilitation agencies to train vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors so they meet degree standards consistent with section 101(a)(7) of the Rehabilitation Act, commonly referred to as the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD). Projects are expected to develop innovative approaches (e.g., distance learning and competency-based programs) to maximize participation in, and the effectiveness of, project training. Please note that only currently employed state VR agency personnel are eligible for scholarship assistance under these grants.

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Grantee:   Assumption College
    Institute for Social and Rehabilitation Services
    500 Salisbury Street
    Worcester, MA 01615
Director:   Lee Pearson
Fax:   508-769-7030
Phone:   508-767-7963
Grant:   H129W040013
Start Date:   09/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   01
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to provide funding for graduate traineeships that will assist public vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies in New England to meet the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) academic mandate for qualified rehabilitation professionals. The graduate program will offer a full master's degree program to 20 VR staff, and graduate core courses to an additional 80-100 VR staff over the five-year grant period
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Grantee:   Southern University and A&M College
    Department of Rehabilitation Counseling
    229 Blanks Hall
    Baton Rouge, LA 70813
Director:   Madan Kundu
Fax:   225-771-2293
Phone:   225-771-2819
Grant:   H129W040010
Start Date:   08/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   06
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to provide a master's degree/CRC eligibility training program in Rehabilitation Counseling. The Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies at Southern University, a historically black college and university (HBCU), will collaborate with the University of Hawaii to recruit, train and mentor practicing professionals so they may continue to pursue careers in state/federal VR agencies.
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Grantee:   Virginia Commonwealth University
    Department of Rehabilitation Counseling
    1112 East Clay Street, Room 209B
    P.O. Box 980330
    Richmond, VA 23298-0330
Director:   Christine A. Reid
Fax:   804-827-1321
Phone:   804-827-0915
Grant:   H129W040007
Start Date:   08/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   03
Purpose:   The purpose of this project is to provide a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, or the casework (through the Advanced Certificate Program) needed to attain CRC-eligibility, for vocational rehabilitation counselors working in state agencies struggling to meet the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) mandates. At least 45 full-time students graduating in two 2-year distance learning cohorts will become qualified vocational rehabilitation counselors, satisfying CSPD mandates.
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Grantee:   Auburn University
    Rehabilitation & Special Education
    1228 Haley Center
    Auburn University, AL 36849-5226
Director:   Randall S. McDaniel
Fax:   334-844-2989
Phone:   334-844-2076
Grant:   H129W040006
Start Date:   08/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   04
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to provide a Rehabilitation Counseling Program for currently employed rehabilitation personnel of Region IV's 12 state vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs. Over the five-year grant period a minimum of 60 rehabilitation practitioners will earn Master's degrees in rehabilitation counseling from Auburn University's Council on Rehabilitation (CORE) accredited program.
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Grantee:   San Diego State University
    Interwork Institute
    Department Rehabilitation Counseling
    3590 Camino Del Rio North
    San Diego, CA 92108
Director:   Fred McFarlane
Fax:   619-594-4208
Phone:   619-594-4220
Grant:   H129W040005
Start Date:   07/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   09
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to provide a Master of Science Degree training program in rehabilitation counseling for employed rehabilitation personnel. This distance degree is provided through the Consortium for Distance, Education Rehabilitation including San Diego State University, the University of North Texas, and Georgia State University. The grant will provide 60 student traineeships per year. All course work and training is provided via distance education with no required on-campus attendance.
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Grantee:   University of Arizona
    Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation & School of Psychology
    Education Building, 412
    P.O. Box 210069
    Tucson, AZ 85721-0069
Director:   Amos Sales
Fax:   520-631-3821
Phone:   520-621-0941
Grant:   H129W040002
Start Date:   09/01/04
Duration:   5 years
Region:   09
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to allow employed rehabilitation counselors to pursue the master's degree on a full-time basis. The project, as funded, utilizes the two-year Rehabilitation Counseling sequence of study established at the University of Arizona and accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) with Arizona RSA providing the coursework from Tucson on a video-conferencing network with attendance and receiving sites in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Yuma, Holbrook, and on the Navajo Nation.
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Grantee:   New York State Education Department (VESID)
    District Office Administration and Operations
    One Commerce Plaza, Room 1601
    Albany, NY 12234
Director:   Debora Brown-Grant
Fax:   518-486-6073
Phone:   518-486-4031
Grant:   H129W000022
Start Date:   06/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   02
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to meet personnel standards for VR counseling professionals in New York. The project is designed to implement in DSUs, a system to enable vocational rehabilitation counseling professionals to meet the CSPD requirements, and have higher competitive closure rates for individuals with severe disabilities. The New York State Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) and the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH) have been analyzing the skills of VR counseling professionals who provide services to individuals with severe disabilities in New York and have identified that 160 counseling personnel would need intensive training to meet the requirements of the CSPD.
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Grantee:   University of Texas
    Rehabilitation Counseling Education
    1 University Station, SZB 306
    Austin, TX 78712 -0372
Director:   James L. Schaller
Fax:   512-471-2471
Phone:   512-232-5687
Grant:   H129W000015
Start Date:   09/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   06
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is a national master's level training project designed to assist state-federal VR agencies in meeting CSPD standards. Eight content-based courses and all experimental courses will be delivered on-line during the first two years. A balance of academically sound and challenging CORE accredited coursework and field experiences will be utilized to assist a minimum of 130 RSA scholars to meet CSPD standards through collaborative training efforts with Designated State Units (DSUs), other universities and the University of Texas at Pan Am.
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Grantee:   Hawaii State Department of Human Services
    601 Kamokila Blvd., Room 515
    Kapolei, HI 96707
Director:   John Noland
Fax:   808-692-7727
Phone:   808-692-7720
Grant:   H129W000013
Start Date:   10/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   09
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is a collaborative effort with the University of Hawaii (UH), and mainland universities to meet Hawaii's state CSPD needs. UH, VR's primary partner in the training of personnel, is a minority institution recognized nationally for its education quality. UH has the only CORE-accredited vocational rehabilitation Counselor Education (RCE) program in the Pacific Basin and is the only accredited program in the nation serving predominately Asians and Pacific Islanders. UH RCE is actively collaborating with Hawaii VR to increase:
  1. the number of current personnel with academic degrees,
  2. the number of persons entering the VR field, and
  3. the diversity of persons in VR, including individuals with disabilities and persons with minority backgrounds.
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Grantee:   Southern Illinois University
    SIU Mail Code 6703
    Carbondale, IL 62901-6703
Director:   David M. Adams
Fax:   618-453-6957
Phone:   618-453-6956
Grant:   H129W000011
Start Date:   06/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   05
Purpose:   The purpose of the project is to provide scholarship support for 150 state VR agency rehabilitation counselors in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. This project supports state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies efforts to raise the education level of its present counselors to that of a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling. Illinois and Ohio have nine CORE accredited rehabilitation counseling programs. The programs have formed the consortium of Rehabilitation Counselor Training Programs to work together to address the needs of the those universities that have RSA- funded distance education grants and all programs that may offer distance education courses to make those available to staff in the three SVR agencies.
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Grantee:   University of North Texas
    Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work & Addictions
    P.O. Box 311456
    Denton, TX 76203-1456
Director:   Rodney N. Isom
Web site:
Fax:   940-369-8649
Phone:   940-565-2234
Grant:   H129W000010
Start Date:   07/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   06
Purpose:   The University of North Texas, Georgia State University and San Diego State University have formed the Consortium for Distance Education for Rehabilitation (CDER) to provide CORE-accredited curricula and degrees. Partners include selected VR agencies from Regions IV, VI and IX. The consortium provides the academic structure, support and services appropriate to graduate study for VR counselors (RSA Scholars). The universities will facilitate management and evaluation of the program to assure regional and state needs are articulated and met for qualified rehabilitation personnel through the states' CSPD plans. Fifteen academically sound and challenging graduate courses will be delivered during the first four years to improve the skills and academic credentials of 150 state VR agency counselors.
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Grantee:   University of Missouri
    Department of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology
    98 Corporate Lake Drive
    Columbia, MO 65203
Director:   C. David Roberts
Web site:
Fax:   573-882-1727
Phone:   573-882-3807
Grant:   H129W000007
Start Date   07/01/00
Duration:   5 years
Region:   07
Purpose:   The University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) project will support the Region VII state VR agencies to meet the CSPD requirements of the Rehabilitation Act. Region VII (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska) is a largely rural region with limited educational resources to meet the many and diverse educational needs of rehabilitation counselors to achieve national or state qualifications standards. The standards for VR counselors require a master's degree and at least 18 graduate credit hours in designated content categories. There are currently four Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) accredited programs in rehabilitation counseling (University of Iowa, Drake University, Emporia State University, and MU) in Region VII. The programs are all well established and serve approximately 40 scholars in the CORE two-year curriculum. The CSPD project will support 15-25 academic degrees per year and 45 certificates, and the Rehabilitation Continuing Education Center serving region VII will support the continuing education/maintenance activities.

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Last Modified: 11/29/2007