Careers in Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation Job Development and Placement

Educational Requirements

Individuals seeking employment as a Job Development Specialist and/or a Job Placement Specialist should complete a Master's degree in Rehabilitation with special emphasis in Job Development and Placement. In lieu of a Master's degree, individuals should have a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation, or a related field, plus several years of experience as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, or in a position that provides practical experience in Job Development and/or Job Placement.

Certification Requirements

At the present time there are no certification or licensure requirements for the Job Development Specialists and/or Job Placement Specialists.

Job Duties

Job Placement Specialists work with employers to find jobs for individuals who have disabilities. The following services are provided based upon individual needs: job application instruction, job seeking skills, resume development, interviewing skills, and post-employment follow-up services. Often there is an overlap in job duties, depending on the organizational structure of the agency and in some instances, individuals may function as a Job Development/Placement Specialist performing all of these duties. Both positions may be involved in the coordination and supervision of Job Coaches.

Individuals in these positions often work very closely with the business community and accept referrals from other agencies and individuals, such as Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. With these Specialists focus is often placed entirely on job development activities, locating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities or working with individual or groups of employers to identify job vacancies, and coordinate/arrange special accommodation needs.

In some instances these Specialists are required to provide employer services. These service may include, teaching employers about the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities; performing job analysis to determine job requirements; identification of possible accommodation needs; demonstrating accessibility technology; consulting with Personnel or Human Resource Departments on hiring practices; and/or working with front line supervisors to educate them about special needs of individuals with disabilities. Individuals employed as a Job Development/Placement Specialist must be knowledgeable about the local labor market, employment trends, and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Placement Opportunities

Job Development and Placement Specialists work in public and private community rehabilitation programs and agencies including State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies, Projects with Industry, Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Programs, and other agencies and facilities providing services to individuals with disabilities.

Additional Information Source

National Rehabilitation Association of Job
Placement/Development (NRAJPD)
c/o National Rehabilitation Association (NRA)
633 South Washington Street
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Phone: 703-836-0850
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