Careers in Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation Administration

Educational Requirements

Rehabilitation Administrators are usually hired from professional staff in such academic disciplines as Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, Education, or Business Administration. Most administrators obtain a Bachelor's degree and often a Master's degree, in a rehabilitation-related field before entering management. To qualify for first-level, middle, and top management positions, individuals are advised to obtain additional education such as a Master's degree in Rehabilitation, Business, or Public Administration. Individuals interested in pursuing Rehabilitation Administration may also increase their knowledge and skills for the profession through in-service and continuing education venues.

Certification Requirements

At the present time there are no certification requirements for Rehabilitation Administrators. Administrators are generally expected to have met the certification requirements required of the professionals they supervise. The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC), for example, would most commonly certify a first-level supervisor of rehabilitation counselors

Job Duties

Rehabilitation Administrators manage and direct a wide variety of rehabilitation service programs. Duties may include planning, programming, operations and information management, supervision, human resource development, budgetary monitoring, statistical reporting, program evaluation, research, and public relations. Rehabilitation Administrators must apply principles of business and public administration, as well as program specific knowledge on the functional and societal implications of disability issues, to assure that rehabilitation programs achieve their missions of assisting persons with disabilities in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Placement Opportunities

Rehabilitation Administrators work in State and Federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, medical rehabilitation facilities, and private rehabilitation businesses. Many Rehabilitation Administrators serve in managerial positions such as Supervisor, Unit Director, Planner, Human Resource Development Director, District Administrator, or Grants Manager.

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