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Science Summit Presentations
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  1. The agenda for the Secretary's Science Summit

  2. Archived webcasts of panel discussions on the science of learning science, professional development and innovative tools, bridging formal and informal learning, national security, and No Child Left Behind

  3. Presentations made at the Science Summit
    1. Secretary Rod Paige
    2. Director Dr. John Marburger, Office of Science and Technology Policy
    3. NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe
    4. Professor Carl Wieman, University of Colorado, Boulder [Presentation]
    5. Dr. Duane Alexander, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
    6. Dr. Russ Whitehurst, Institute of Education Sciences [Presentation]
    7. Dr. David Klahr, Carnegie Mellon University [Presentation]
    8. Dr. Arden Bement
    9. Dr. George "Pinky" Nelson, Western Washington University [downloadable files] PDF | Powerpoint
    10. Dr. Alan Friedman, New York Hall of Science [downloadable files] PDF | Powerpoint
    11. Dr. Cherry Murray, Bell Labs-Lucent
    12. Dr. Barbara Morgan
    13. Dr. Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences
    14. Dr. Jim Stigler, LessonLab & UCLA
      [downloadable files] PDF | Powerpoint
    15. Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez, National Science Board [Presentation]
    16. Dr. Bob Tinker, Concord Consortium [Presentation]
    17. Dr. Thomas E. Scruggs, George Mason University [Presentation]
    18. Dr. Ron Sega [Presentation]

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Last Modified: 07/13/2004