The Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology-1999
Conference Research Materials

  1. "Perspectives on Technology and Education Research: Lessons from the Past and Present"

    Margaret Honey and Katherine McMillan Culp, EDC/Center for Children and Technology, EDC/Center for Children and Technology, and Fred Carrigg, Union City New Jersey Board of Education, 1999.

  2. "Convergent Analysis: A Method for Extracting the Value from Research Studies on Technology in Education."

    Cathleen Norris and Jennifer Smalka, College of Education, University of North Texas, and Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan, 1999.

  3. "Observing Classroom Processes in Project-Based Learning Using Multimedia: A Tool for Evaluators"

    William R. Penuel, Barbara Means, Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International, 1999.

  4. "The Technology/Content Dilemma"

    Shelly Goldman, Karen Cole and Christina Syer, Institute for Research on Learning, California, 1999.

  5. "Technology: How Do We Know It Works?"

    Eva L. Baker, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing, CRESST, UCLA, California, 1999.

  6. "Documenting the Effects of Instructional Technology: A Fly-Ovver of Policy Questions"

    Dale Mann, Professor, Columbia University, and Managing Director, Interactive Inc., New York, 1999.

  7. "The Cyberspace Regionalization Project: Simultaneously Bridging the Digital and Racial Divide"

    Jonathan D. Becker J.D., M.Ed., Project Director, Interactive Inc., 1999.

  8. "New Directions for Evaluation of Technology and Student Learning"

    Walter F. Heinecke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership, Foundations & Policy, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, 1999.

  9. "Measurement Issues with Instructional and Home Learning Technologies"

    Charol Shhakeshaft, Ph.D., Hofstra University, New York, 1999.

  10. "The Idaho Technology Initiative: An Accountability Report to the Idaho Legislature on the effects of monies spent through the Idaho Council for Technology in Learning"

    The State Division of Vocational Education State Department of Education, Bureau of Technology Services, 1999

  11. "WEST VIRGINIA STORY: Achievement gains from a statewide comprehensive instructional technology program"

    Dale Mann, Ph.D., Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D., Jonathan Becker, J.D., Robert Kottkamp, Ph.D.,
    Afterword by Lewis C. Solmon

  12. "Testing On Computers: A Follow-up Study Comparing Performance On Computer and On Paper"

    Michael Russell, Boston College, 1999

  13. "Testing Writing on Computers: An Experiment Comparing Student Performance on Tests Conducted via Computer and via Paper-and-Pencil

    Michael Russell, Boston College, Walt Haney, Boston College, 1997

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