Executive Summary: Partnerships for Reform: Changing Teacher Preparation through the Title II HEA Partnership Program (Interim Report 2004)
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  • Purpose of the Title II HEA Partnerships

  • Key Findings

  • Evaluation Topics and Data Collection Activities

  • How Are Title II Partnership Projects Reforming Teacher Preparation Programs?

  • Faculty Collaboration

  • Faculty and School Collaboration

  • Faculty Instruction with Technology

  • Accountability for Student Outcomes

  • How Are Partnership Projects Improving Professional Development for Partner Schools and School Districts?

  • Professional Development Activities

  • New Teacher Support

  • How Are Partnership Projects Changing the Requirements and Quality of the Clinical Experience for Preservice Teachers?

  • Professional Development Schools

  • Student Internships

  • Matched Expectations

  • How Are Partnership Activities with School Districts and Schools Affecting Student Performance on State Achievement Assessments?

  • "High-Need" School Partners

  • Baseline Student Achievement Scores

  • What Is the Role of the Formal Partnership Structure in Achieving the Goals of the Title II Partnership Grant Program?

  • Elimination of Collaboration Barriers

  • Creation of New Alliances

  • Distance and Partnership Structure

  • Structure for Sustainability

  • Future Data Collection


  • Exhibit 1: Number of People and Institutions Directly and Actively Involved in Partnership Activities and Projects

  • Exhibit 2: Faculty Involvement in Collaborative Partnership Activities

  • Exhibit 3: School and District Personnel Involvement in Collaborative Partnership Activities with Partner Colleges or Universities

  • Exhibit 4: Faculty Members' Strategies for Teaching with Technology

  • Exhibit 5: Induction Activities Provided by Partnerships as Reported by Education Deans

  • Exhibit 6: Perceptions of Faculty and School District Respondents Regarding New Teachers' Preparedness

  • Exhibit 7: Descriptive Characteristics of Title II and Non-Title Schools, 2000–01

  • Exhibit 8: Average Math and Reading Scores for Title II and Non-Title II Schools, 2000–01

  • Exhibit 9: Percent of Faculty Reporting Dean Support Before and During Second Year of Partnership Implementation

  • Exhibit 10: Project Directors Who Indicated Partnership Reforms and Activities "Very Likely" to Continue

Partnerships for Reform: Changing Teacher Preparation through the Title II HEA Partnership Program (Interim Report 2004)

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Last Modified: 03/24/2004