Evaluation Plan
National Assessment of Vocational Education (NAVE)

Other Mandated Issues

Congress mandated an assessment covering a broad range of issues. The preceding discussion addressed a general approach to nearly all of the topics in the congressional mandate—as well as some others. Two topics not addressed, however, are (1) teacher supply and demand, and (2) the role of technology and distance learning in vocational education. The current plan for examining these other key issues include:

Teacher Supply and Demand

NAVE plans to utilize findings from a study of the supply and demand for vocational education teachers that is currently being conducted by NCRVE. Complementing this research will be information gathered from the comparative case studies (described previously).

Technology and Distance Learning

Several efforts are currently underway to track the growth of distance learning programs of study, and to understand the instructional role of technology. NAVE plans to summarize this research as it relates to occupational training. How vocational curriculum responds to changes in commercial technology is a topic to be explored in the case studies.

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Last Modified: 09/16/2003