RSA: Promising Practices for Older Blind Programs
Alabama Peer Support
Archived Information

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation Services
2127 East South Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36116-2455

Telephone: 334-288-0220

Peer Support

Rehabilitation teachers and orientation and mobility specialists have established 23 support groups in different areas of the state. Additionally, the Older Alabamians System of Information and Services (OASIS) has trained 90 consumer volunteers to provide individualized peer support services. Generally, the support groups are started by OASIS staff, but are intended to be self-sustaining and led by the members themselves. OASIS provides ongoing support to the groups, including peer counseling and leadership training, wherever possible. Most of the groups are in the northern, more populated areas of the state, though efforts are underway to expand the network into the rural areas.

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Last Modified: 05/16/2017