RSA: Promising Practices for Statewide Independent Living Councils and State Independent Living Programs
Oregon Tracking and Enhancing IL Partner Participation in SPIL Implementation
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Tracking and Enhancing IL Partner Participation in SPIL Implementation

Once the SPIL is approved, the SILC transmits letters to the participating partners. These letters outline each partner’s responsibilities. The SILC follows up every six months with a request for a progress report on activities and outcomes. The SILC uses this semi-annual report to review and analyze the implementation of the SPIL. This practice supports the SILC’s goals by:

  • providing reinforcement to partners regarding their roles and responsibilities in fulfilling the SPIL goals;

  • providing routine updated data on implementation of the SPIL rather than just the annual 704 reports; and

  • creating a mechanism for data collection that partners who do not complete the 704 reports are able to utilize.

The letters clarify that the SILC does not have oversight authority with Part B funding and that reporting to the SILC is optional, but, because of the SILC’s credibility, partners rarely fail to respond to request.

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Last Modified: 05/16/2017