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Illinois - Management of Part B Funds
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Division of Rehabilitation Services
IL Department of Human Services
100 S. Grand Avenue, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62762
Telephone: 217-557-7084
FAX: 217-558-4270

Management of Part B Funds

The independent living staff of the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services (IDRS) are collaborative in accomplishing their regulatory responsibility to administer Part B funds. Collaborative activities are described below.

  • On-site reviews include a reviewer who is a former center director and there has not been a review finding for the previous two years. This practice increases buy-in from the reviewed center while simultaneously providing training to the reviewer on IDRS expectations.

  • Center directors report that the IDRS IL Unit staff respond promptly to all requests for technical assistance from a reviewed center. Additionally, center directors feel comfortable in posing questions to IL Unit staff as questions or issues arise. This not only prevents problems, but also allows IDRS IL Unit staff to have an ongoing understanding of the IL issues in Illinois and plan accordingly.

  • A majority of the IDRS IL Unit have both a disability and experience in managing CILs. Although not required for IDRS, these aspects add credibility to their efforts.

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Last Modified: 05/16/2017