Supporting Information for the RSA-911 Data

Information on this page supports the data required for the RSA-911 file. This information is designed to be used by state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies who are responsible for collecting the data. For any given fiscal year, the RSA-911 data contains a record of demographic and programmatic data for each person who exited the Vocational Rehabilitation program in that fiscal year.

Policy Directives

VR agencies will begin submitting RSA-911 data consistent with PD-16-04 for PY 2017, which begins July 1, 2017. By July 1, 2017, each VR agency must ensure that:

  1. the agency’s data collection system is capable of capturing and reporting all the required data elements;
  2. VR staff have completed training necessary to ensure the collection and reporting of the required data elements; and
  3. the agency has implemented internal control processes to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data.

PD-16-04—"Revision of Policy Directive (PD) 14-01 instructions for the completion of the Case Service Report (RSA-911) for the State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program and the State Supported Employment Services Program"
Revised June 14, 2017 (PDF, 1MB)

VR agencies will submit RSA-911 data in accordance with RSA PD-14-01, dated October 25, 2013, for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2016 (October 1, 2015–September 30, 2016).

PD-14-01—"Revision of PD-13-05 Vocational Rehabilitation Program Case Service Report (RSA-911) data elements
Oct 25, 2013 (PDF, 520KB)

The following policy directives are obsolete.

  • PD-13-05
  • PD-12-05
  • PD-09-01
  • PD-07-01
  • PD-06-01
  • PD-04-04

Other Resources

Guidelines: Supporting Documentation for Case Service Report (RSA-911)

"Guidelines: Supporting Documentation for Case Service Report (RSA-911)" (PDF, 107KB) will assist your vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency in maintaining appropriate supporting documentation in individual service records. The supporting documentation described in the Attached Guidelines pertains to certain key data elements in the Case Service Report (RSA-911) that Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) staff will review during Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2017 monitoring and technical assistance visits. These particular data elements also are those that will be reviewed by State auditors conducting A-133 audits during the next year.

The examples of supporting documentation in these guidelines illustrate the types of documents RSA would consider to demonstrate the validity and accuracy of certain key data reported through the RSA-911. This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other documents that RSA would find provide sufficient support to verify the data.

RSA plans to update and expand these guidelines once the revised RSA-911 described in PD-16-04 is implemented on July 1, 2017. The revised RSA-911 will implement all performance data requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, all of which will be necessary for calculating levels of performance under section 116 of that Act. In updating and expanding the guidelines later this year, RSA will take into consideration feedback provided by the VR agency during the monitoring and technical assistance visits conducted during FY 2017.

Webinars on the RSA-911

RSA has also developed a series of webinars related to the changes in the collection and reporting of data via the RSA-911 under WIOA. In these webinars, RSA provides an overview of the performance measures, key terms in the joint policy guidance, information on how the terms apply to VR, and the RSA-911. RSA also discusses the deliverable timelines for 2016 and 2017 and how to use RSA-911 data to monitor performance.

Questions about the RSA-911

Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the RSA-911. Other questions can be answered by sending an email to RSAData@ed.gov.

Download Aggregate RSA-911 Data

Aggregate RSA-911 can be viewed and downloaded at https://rsa.ed.gov using Ad Hoc Query.


Last Modified: 06/26/2017