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State Education Indicators With a Focus on Title I

National Summary

Standards & Assessments

Table 1: State Progress toward Development of Accountability System
  Content Standards State Assessment Results By Level Achievement Disaggregated Trends Analysis
STATE Complete 2000: Core subjects Achievement reported for 1999-00 Proficiency levels/year set By sch.% poverty, stud. LEP, Disability Years of consistent data
Alabama M, E/LA, SSt Stanford 9 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Alaska M, S, E/LA California Achievement Test 1998 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 2
Arizona M, S, E/LA, SSt AIMS 1999    
Arkansas M, S, LA, H/SSt. Arkansas Bechmark Exam 1999    
California M, S, E/LA, H/SSt. Stanford 9   LEP  
Colorado M, S, H, LA, Geog. Student Assess. Prog. 1997 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Connecticut M, S, E/LA, SSt CMT/CAPT 1994 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 6
Delaware M, S, E/LA, SSt Student Testing Prog. 1998 LEP, Dis.  
District of Columbia M, E/LA Stanford 9 1998 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Florida M, S, LA, SSt Comprehensive Achievement Test 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Georgia M, S, E/LA, SSt GC-RCT, HS Grad. Test 1999 LEP  
Hawaii M, S, E/LA, SSt Stanford 9 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 2
Idaho M, S, LA, SSt ITBS and TAP   Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Illinois M, S, E/LA, SSt Standards Achievement Test 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 2
Indiana M, E/LA, SSt ISTEP+ 1997 Poverty 2
Iowa   IBST 1997   1
Kansas M, S, E/LA, SSt Math/ Reading Assessment 1998 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 3
Kentucky M, S, SSt, Reading/Writing Core Content Test 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Louisiana M, S, E/LA, SSt LEAP/ Graduation Exit Exam 1998 LEP, Dis.  
Maine M, S, E/LA, SSt Maine Educational Assessment 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 2
Maryland M, S, E/LA, SSt MSPAP 1993 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 5
Massachusetts M, S, E, H/SSt MCAS 1998 LEP, Dis.  
Michigan M, S, E/LA, SSt MEAP Essential Skills 1996 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 5
Minnesota M, S, LA, SSt Comp. Assess. /Basic Stand. Test 1998 Poverty, LEP 3
Mississippi M, S, SSt, LA CTBS-5   LEP, Dis.  
Missouri M, S, LA, SSt MAP/MMAT 1999 LEP, Dis.  
Montana M, S, E/LA Multiple NRT's 1997 Poverty 3
Nebraska M, S, SSt, Reading/Writ. Multiple Assessment Tools 1999 Poverty  
Nevada M, S, E/LA, SSt Terra Nova, Form A 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
New Hampshire M, S, E/LA, SSt Edu. Improvement & Assess. 1994 LEP  
New Jersey M, S, LA, SSt New Jersey Proficiency Test 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
New Mexico M, S, LA, SSt New Mexico Achievement Asses. 1998    
New York M, S, E/LA, SSt Preliminary Comp. Test/ Regents Exam 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
North Carolina M, S, E/LA End of Grade/Course Test 1992 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 6
North Dakota M, S, E/LA CTBS-5   Poverty, LEP  
Ohio M, S, LA, SSt Ohio Proficiency Test 1999 Poverty, LEP  
Oklahoma M, S, LA, SSt Core Content Test 1998    
Oregon M, S, E, H Oregon Statewide Assess., Rev. 1998    
Pennsylvania M, E/LA System of Student Assessment 1997 LEP, Dis.  
Puerto Rico M, E/LA PPCE 1997 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Rhode Island M, S, E/LA New Standards Reference Exam 1998    
South Carolina M, S, E/LA, SSt PACT 1999 LEP, Dis.  
South Dakota M, S, LA, SSt Stanford 9      
Tennessee M, S, E, SSt TCAP      
Texas M, S, E/LA, SSt TAAS 1995 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 5
Utah M, S, E, SSt Utah End of Level Test/ Stanford-9 1995 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Vermont M/S, LA, H/SSt New Standards Reference Exam 1996 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Virginia M, S, E, H/SSt Standards of Learning 1998 LEP, Dis.  
Washington M, S, SSt, LA WASL 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis. 1
West Virginia M, S, SSt West Virginia Test      
Wisconsin M, S, E/LA, SSt Knowledge & Concept Exam   LEP, Dis.  
Wyoming M, S, LA, SSt WyCAS 1999 Poverty, LEP, Dis.  
Nation 51 M, E/LA   44 42
(1 or more indicators)
5 (3+ yrs.)

State Content Standards

Key: M=Math, S=Science, E=English, LA=Language Arts, SSt=Social Studies

Source: Key State Education Policies on K-12 Education: 2002, CCSSO, 2000.

State Assessment Results for 1999-00; By Levels

Source: State Departments of Education, reported in Title I Performance Report, Part 7, to U.S. Department of Education, 1998-99, and CCSSO, Annual Survey of State Assessment Programs, 1999.

Achievement Disaggregated; Trends Analysis

Key: Poverty=School percent of students below poverty level; LEP=Limited English Proficient
students, Dis.=Students with Disability

*Note: Results published in the state profiles may not reflect disaggregated data listed in this chart if only Title I students were disaggregated in the Consolidated Report or if results were not conducive to a single profile reporting method. Please contact author if you have questions or would like more information on disaggregated results, or visit the state's web site available through www.ccsso.org/seamenu.html.

Source: State assessment results submitted in the Consolidated Report, Section B, 1999-00, and follow-up by CCSSO, State Education Assessment Center.

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